Sunday, March 30, 2014

been gone from my blog a while....sorry if you've been following and missed me...i'm baccckkkk

Hi everyone,
I haven't blogged in a while.  I think we all hit low points in our weight loss journeys (I've hit a few, but this last one snagged me).  A few months back, started having horrible was keeping me up all night and I was only sleeping about 3 restless hours.  Many doctors' visits revealed no relief in sight (no one knew what was wrong), and one doctor told me "you'll be fine....we're just going to give It time and take up to 20 advil a day".  I finally found a caring doctor and found out I have interstitial cystitis (don't feel bad if you don't know what is it...I didn't either).  It's a chronic inflammation of the bladder , and before you find the medicine that controls it you feel like someone is stabbing your bladder with a hot poker all the time.  I also found out that I probably have endometriosis (you don't know for sure until the doctor does surgery to check....I'm trying to manage it and hold off there). 
Well after all that....I finally get those conditions somewhat under control and start training for the half marathon in February...and boom....hurt my Achilles tendon...not torn...but half marathon...dr. tells me it could tear....

Low point in the weight loss journey...I was running through the pain to train and then wtf - I can't run!  I definitely spent a few days wallowing in misery (and chocolate....I'm not perfect).  Then I refocus.

So by dr. orders I was supposed to rest and then go back to light running.  So now I need a plan.  I decided to order ultimate reset....a very strict and healthy 3 week diet from Beachbody to reset your body from toxins.  I read through and decide it's not that bad.  One caveat......the program recommends giving up caffeine.

-day one- By 10:30 AM I have a pounding headache without my great one from Dunkin Donuts.  I feel weak.  It's the longest day of work (Wednesday - hour staff mtg after our normal day).  During the staff mtg. I am so dizzy I feel like I'm going to faint---not of hunger- I was okay with the diet...I was detoxing from caffeine.  I'm also freezing and throw up that night.  As miserable as I am, I realize I was like a drug addict....was caffeine that bad of an addiction to me.....I had no idea. Vow to not drink it no matter how bad I feel.

-Day three- Headache gone.  Low and behold I am sleeping 8 hours....and waking up alert with no coffee. I guess it made more of a difference than I thought.

-Week two- Feel awesome.  I look down and that pesky stomach pooch is much smaller.  I have a lot of energy...I miss exercising a bit (the program recommends walking and yoga since you are detoxing from pushing too hard).  I buy all this herbal tea (decaf ) and experiment with what I like.  I find some that are good and don't miss coffee.

-END RESULTS OF ULTIMATE RESET- lost 8.2 lbs, some body fat, and 4.1 inches from the stomach pooch (my real goal)- totally weaned myself off caffeine- I love my decaf herbal tea!

Back to exercise: I'm plugging away with Body Beast.  This is a hard program for me....more weights than I've ever done....even with p90x .  I'm on day six. Reset got my diet I need to body here I come.

Today's exercise: Body Beast Build Back and Biceps, Body Combat kick start

Today's diet:
Breakfast: egg whites, wheat toast with natural peanut butter
Snack: sliced mango, 10 raw almonds
Lunch: Chocolate shakeology with a banana sliced in it made with almond milk (P.S.  felt better on the reset phase with no I'm cutting it out/limiting it when possible)
Snack: celery with natural p.b (2 stalks)
dinner: roasted root vegetables (beets, sweet potatoes, carrots)
Snack: (if needed) pumpkin seeds -quarter cup