Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Tuesday's tips-change your body by doing the right cardio

People often struggle with the question- what type of workout should I do?  More weights or cardio..which do I do first?

It's not a quick do need both strength training and cardio...but I can give a tip about cardio that should help everyone.

You don't want to be the person on the elliptical not getting results.....too often I see people on the elliptical on level 2 (or 4 or 6 , whatever) for 30 minutes.  This is not the way to go (although certainly better than nothing).  Interval training is what changes your body.

You can use machines to do interval training though-so if you love that elliptical - don't give it up!  Think of your workout in 5 minute segments.....3 minutes go at a steady pace (or intensity), 2 minutes go all out hard as you can.  I.e. on the elliptical I'll use resistance level 5 and go at a steady pace for 3 minutes, then crank up the resistance level to 10 for 2 minutes.  Same thing on the treadmill-walk 3 min, jog 2 min-walk flat for 3 minutes, crank incline up for 2 minutes.

You can also do interval traiining without equipment- alternate doing 90 seconds of an exercise with 1 minute of rest- here's some ideas- lunges, squats, burpees, hopscotch (literally pretend to do hopscotch, squat jumps, push ups, chin ups, sit ups, jump rope)......a half hour of this and you'll torch calories and work up a sweat.

Give it a shot and let me know what you think.

Today's workout - beast cardio (interval training at its best) and beast abs
Today's diet:
breakfast- 2 eggs, wheat bagel with jam
snack: raw red and yellow peppers, almonds
lunch: turkey burger, baked sweet potato
snack: clementines (2)
Dinner: chocolate shakeology with natural peanut butter and banana
snack: (if needed) - sugar snap peas

Sunday, April 27, 2014

last week's reflection- this week's new challenge

So last week's challenge was to prepare healthy meals AND  eat them.....I did it!  I ate each meal I listed at least once...twice for 3 of did you do?
More importantly, what can you incorporate into your every day eating plan?

Eat 5 vegetarian meals this week (you can do more if you like).

The logic behind this is one ever got fat from eating fruits and veggies lol- it's good for you.

Here's a few ideas and I'll share as I eat this week.
Brown rice and stir fried veggies or black beans
oatmeal and fruit
black bean burritos
tofu and veggies
tempeh and veggies (I like tempeh and sweet potatoes)
fruit salad for breakfast
shakeology (there are even vegan options)

What can you eat that's vegetarian this week?

Today's workout : Body Beast Bulk chest , 30 min elliptical
Today's diet:
egg whites with spinach, wheat English muffin with natural peanut butter
lunch: chocolate shakeology with a banana
snack: sliced mango

Not sure what I'm having for dinner yet....

Friday, April 25, 2014

challenge check in

I feel like I'm doing well making and eating those healthy foods I listed on Sunday.....I've made and eaten everything on the list at least once (twice for some of them) about all of you?
I find for me meal prepping ahead of time makes a huge difference. I also noticed certain days I pack a heartier lunch because I need to (like Wednesday-staff mtg. day equals an extra hour at I pack a larger, but healthy lunch, to get me through.

Reflect on your's it going?  Did you make those things you listed? If still have a day to do it! Even if you made some of it.....good start! Think about what you liked and if you can see yourself integrating that into your regular diet.

Today's workout: Body Beast Bulk Shoulders, 30 min elliptical

Today's diet:
2 eggs on wheat English muffin
Snack: green apple, 15 raw almonds
Lunch: balsamic chicken, roasted root vegetables
Snack: orange, grapes

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

april's specials

Wednesday is Beachbody Specials day- so here goes!
TWo challenge packs on sale this month- Brazil Butt Lift and Focus T25.  Focus T25 is a 25 minute a day workout in which you can get rapid results.....and both challenge packs come with shakeology. I drink my shakeology everyday-greenberry is my favorite!  It really has helped me with suppressing cravings- if you want to learn more, here's a link to a video about shakeology!

Also on sale until May 7th is the Ultimate Reset diet.  I did this about a month ago- no exercise- and you truly do "reset " your body.  I lost weight, lost inches off my lower stomach (problem area) , gave up caffeine (lol I was addicted) and just felt great overall.  It's an awesome program if you know your eating is way off track and you need help with nutrition.

Interested?  Email me ( or comment for more info.
Check out my site : to check out any of the products.

Today's workout:
Body Beast Cardio and Beast Abs
Today's diet

egg whites and wheat English muffin with p.b. (natural)
snack: green apple, 15 raw almonds
Lunch: black bean burrito
Snack: pear, pumpkin seeds (1/4 cup)
Dinner : chocolate shakeology , natural p.b. , banana

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

tuesday's tips

I'm always open that I am still on my weight loss journey...but on this path, I have discovered a few things that work...I want to share with everyone -hence Tuesday's tips.

Eat your meals in a pyramid.  That means breakfast is the biggest meal (think base of pyramid), then lunch, and dinner is the smallest (yes you can have healthy snacks in between).  I started doing this when I read that (I can't remember which) either Sylvester Stallone or Arnold Scharzenegger craved milkshakes and he always had them in the am to help burn them off).  I found I lost weight faster when I started eating a bigger really is the most important meal of the day.

Today's workout : Body Beast Bulk ARms, zumba
Today's diet:
Breakfast- 2 eggs on wheat English muffin
Snack: green apple, 15 raw almonds
Lunch: Balsamic chicken, roasted root veggies
Snack: celery with natural p.b.
Dinner: Greenberry shakeology with a banana
Snack: 1/4 cup pumpkin seeds

Monday, April 21, 2014

monday's musings

Everything isn't measured in pounds when you are losing weight...,,sometimes I'm surprised to hear how much someone weighs.....muscular or toned people look thinner (not there yet, but I'm trying:).

This may not be a musing...more like an exclamation of shock lol- body beast bulk legs kicks my butt-and I thought my legs were stronger...I've run two marathons....but nope...that workout slams me!

Today's workout: body beast bulk legs, 10 min walk on treadmill, 10 min stair master
Today's diet:
oatmeal with choc shakeology and a banana (one of my healthy meals of the week)
snack: green apple, 15 raw almonds
lunch: brown rice and blk beans (another healthy meal of the week)
Snack: orange
Dinner: 6 oz flank steak, baked sweet potato, asparagus

Good night all!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

this week's challenge-will you take it?

First of all, happy easter everyone!  I started my day early- got up , went to gym, church, now back home.  For me, I do a routine on Sunday that starts my week out right (and I know this isn't for everyone)- I do a longer workout and always thanks the lord for another week here on earth.  There was a long period in my life where I let challenges hold me back, and I am personally working hard to recognize things that I 'm grateful for.  Getting into a routine keeps me centered too- I know a good friend who always mediates on Sundays....which centers that person....everyone is different:).

Keeping of routines.....let's get to this week's challenge.

Like it or not, part of a healthy lifestyle is preparing your own food.  It Is very hard, darn near impossible, to keep eating out and be healthy.  A friend recently asked me: What can you get that's healthy when you're on the run?  I was stumped-I bring snacks with me everywhere!  Most often you catch me with my sliced green apple and almonds , fruit, baby carrots, and oftentimes, my shakeology.  I asked a friend who is a nutritionist- he said- nothing's hard to order out and be healthy.

This week's challenge is to develop a routine of healthy meals.  When I say that, I want you to think of things you can make quickly-don't choose something that takes an hour of prep time- you probably wont make that on a weekly basis.
Right now- get a pen- list 7 healthy meals you commit to making and eating this week.  It can be breakfast , lunch , or dinner.  I'm going to list my below....want to share yours?  Comment on the blog-I love new ideas!

1-oatmeal with half packet of chocolate shakeology and sliced banana (usually eat this 3-4 times a week)
2- black beans and brown rice
3- black bean burritos (I make mine with a wheat tortilla, very small amt. of lowfat cheese, but then loaded with tomato and lettuce)
4- balsamic chicken (I love balsamic vinegar so I marinade chicken in that) and roasted root vegetables (roasted beets, sweet potatoes, and carrots- feel in love with these veggies during ultimate reset)
5- roasted root vegetables with a side of farrro (I make a big pan of roasted root veggies and eat these a few days after recipe 4- farro is an ancient grain-I love it- a small amt. fills you up,'s usually next to rice and quinoa at the grocery store)
6- pan roasted tempeh and sweet potato
7- salad with balsamic chicken (again- when I make #4- I'll make more than one piece of chicken and use it here-probably Friday when I never feel like cooking so I don't have to make much)

There's my they are in writing and I must stick to them! I'll check in on Thursday and see how I'm doing- why not try the same?  Get the pen out, list your recipes, and commit to doing it.  Questions or need ideas-comment and I'll get back to you!

Changing your weight and / or being healthy is a one step at a time process......take this step and plan your meals!

Everyone have a wonderful easter!

Today's workout: body beast bulk chest , 5 min ab workout, 45 min elliptical
scheduled to take a walk with a friend off some holiday calories!

Today's diet: haven't decided yet where I'm going- but I did start with a healthy breakfast- this morning I had oatmeal with chocolate shakeology, banana, and a little almond milk to fuel me for the gym!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

saturday's weekly reflection

Overall, a good week. I'm doing my body beast workouts-and not weighing myself until the end of the program.  my goal is to tone stomach and thighs-so just working on that!:)

Yesterday was my bday and I went off course with the have a huge stomachache all day today:( I need to reflect on that and think about it next time. Since I eat clean so often, when I don't I end up feeling awful the next day...I must stop doing this...clean eating all the way!

Check in tomorrow for the weekly challenge (I know it's Easter-but I want to stick to the schedule:)

Today's workout: Body Beast Bulk Shoulders, 30 min elliptical, 10 min ab exercises

Today's diet
Breakfast : 2 eggs on a wheat English muffin
Snack: mango
Lunch: Chocolate shakeology with a banana and natural p/b
Snack: 10 raw almonds
Dinner: baked chicken, steamed broccoli, baked sweet potato

Friday, April 18, 2014

my birthday...and a new blog calendar

Today's my birthday...lucky # 35.
I'm sure others feel this way, so I want to say that birthdays can be hard....sometimes I look and say....I haven't achieved all I want to ...s**t.  Then I relax and think, but who has?Then I'l be hard on myself again.
My mind had a second where I said...I've been good-should I skip treats today?  I decided not to....some days you can't be good....I only get one birthday a year.  Today was an exercise rest day, and I just treated myself to a chocolate Cadbury crème egg cupcake (just one-awesome-from Alyssa's CAkery in Walllingford if you're in CT- highly recommended on your next cheat meal lol). Back to the grind I enjoy my day.

If you're following my blog, I'm going to start blogging on a consistent schedule. Hopefully this helps me too:).
Sunday-weekly eating/ exercise challenge- to myself, but also any of you who want to follow
Tuesday -tips for the week
Wednesday- Beachbody specials and deals if any
Thursday-challenge check-in-how am I doing with the weekly challenge? How are you doing?
Friday -funny story day (In this long weight loss journey I have tons of these)

What do you think of the ideas?

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Body Beast ...I love and hate you

So today's workout was Body Beast Shoulders.....currently in week three. This is the toughest one for me....I have always been unable to lift heavy in terms of shoulders.  Good news is I upped my weights in week two.  So I'm getting stronger:) I'm sore but in a good way.

Today's workout: Body Beast Build Shoulders and 30 min of walk/jog intervals - walk 3 min , jog 2 min.....moving back to running slowly after my ACL injury

Today's diet:
Breakfast: 1.5 cups of oatmeal with half packet of chocolate Shakeology and a banana
Snack: green apple, 15 raw almonds
Lunch: turkey burger on a wheat bun, corn
Snack: raisins
Dinner: Strawberry shakeology with a banana

Have a great day everyone!
independent Team Beachbody Coach