Friday, April 25, 2014

challenge check in

I feel like I'm doing well making and eating those healthy foods I listed on Sunday.....I've made and eaten everything on the list at least once (twice for some of them) about all of you?
I find for me meal prepping ahead of time makes a huge difference. I also noticed certain days I pack a heartier lunch because I need to (like Wednesday-staff mtg. day equals an extra hour at I pack a larger, but healthy lunch, to get me through.

Reflect on your's it going?  Did you make those things you listed? If still have a day to do it! Even if you made some of it.....good start! Think about what you liked and if you can see yourself integrating that into your regular diet.

Today's workout: Body Beast Bulk Shoulders, 30 min elliptical

Today's diet:
2 eggs on wheat English muffin
Snack: green apple, 15 raw almonds
Lunch: balsamic chicken, roasted root vegetables
Snack: orange, grapes