Friday, April 18, 2014

my birthday...and a new blog calendar

Today's my birthday...lucky # 35.
I'm sure others feel this way, so I want to say that birthdays can be hard....sometimes I look and say....I haven't achieved all I want to ...s**t.  Then I relax and think, but who has?Then I'l be hard on myself again.
My mind had a second where I said...I've been good-should I skip treats today?  I decided not to....some days you can't be good....I only get one birthday a year.  Today was an exercise rest day, and I just treated myself to a chocolate Cadbury crème egg cupcake (just one-awesome-from Alyssa's CAkery in Walllingford if you're in CT- highly recommended on your next cheat meal lol). Back to the grind I enjoy my day.

If you're following my blog, I'm going to start blogging on a consistent schedule. Hopefully this helps me too:).
Sunday-weekly eating/ exercise challenge- to myself, but also any of you who want to follow
Tuesday -tips for the week
Wednesday- Beachbody specials and deals if any
Thursday-challenge check-in-how am I doing with the weekly challenge? How are you doing?
Friday -funny story day (In this long weight loss journey I have tons of these)

What do you think of the ideas?