Thursday, August 29, 2013

missing my blog lol/ week 4 of p90x

So I've been missing my blog....I'm a teacher and it is the first week of school, so it's crazy.  I did still do my workout and eat well though:)
I'm in week 4 of p90x ..its tough, but I'm seeing the changes in myself.  My arms look more toned, and my belly (that stubborn lower part of my abs) looks more firm.  I can do more too....I hated that yoga x the first time and it was hard to get through....I'm more flexible and enjoy the stretch now, and I can do more pull ups and push up than before.

So proud of my current challenge group...they are doing great....we are always seeking new challengers if you are interested.

Today's workout: p90x kenpo x
Today's diet: 2 eggs, one half wheat bagel with jam
greek yogurt
tofu with veggies
strawberry shakeology with strawberries and blueberries
10 raw almonds


Saturday, August 17, 2013

another small weight loss:) and non scale victories

So I weighed in today...down 1.1 lbs.  I'm losing these last few lbs slowly, but at least the scale is going in the right direction.  I also tried on a skirt in a smaller size....(I just went down a size about 3 weeks ago), and it fit although it was snug...I'll take that! I am entering week three of p90x and I do feel that it changes your body.  My arms look more toned, my belly looks a little flatter, and my thighs are those are successes!

Today's workout: x rest day:)-meaning a day off:)
Today's diet: English muffin with 1 egg
baked chicken and a baked sweet potato
greenberry shakeology with blueberries

***greenberry shakeology is my absolute favorite! Yummmm....fresh and fruity!


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

having fun while trying to be "good":)

So when I first started losing weight, I had a hard time balancing having fun with being able to be healthy.  So many things involve calories LOL, eating out, drinking, etc., and I didn't want to sacrifice my good eating habits to go out.  But this gets lonely and hard fast (and is probably that reason for the period of time when I gained back 20 lbs of the weight I had lost). 
You can be "good" and have fun too.  Tonight two friends and I are going line dancing....this is something I absolutely never ever thought I would do:).  Traditionally, I don't like country music, but last week a friend suggested I'd go and why not.  Actually, I had a blast...not because I'm good...I actually was terrible, but there were lots of laughs and I was moving (not that I "counted" it as exercise...but it was better than drinking).  The bar with the dancing has only fatty we tried to find an alternate.  There is a Japanese place nearby and I am going to try sashimi.  Formerly , I thought it was gross, but I have learned to try foods more than once.  I know it's a really high protein , low calorie option, and I'm giving it a shot.

You can have fun and be healthy...there's just a little creativity required:)
Today's workout
p90x legs and back, ab ripper x, 3 mile jog
today's diet
two eggs, half cup oats
chocolate shakeology with a banana

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Monday, August 12, 2013

first day of challenge and SUCCESS

lol i'll be a little selfish...success first:) 2.1. lbs lost today almost a whole inch off waist
And I'm looking at myself yesterday ...had on a strapless dress and realized...I have some nice arms, back, and shoulders:)
Not bragging because I worked hard for those:)

Today is the first day of the 45 day weight loss challenge.....I love first days...I get pumped.  Worked out with one of my challengers today and gave out some shakeology samples. 
I had everyone start by settting a goal and telling 3 actions they would do this week to get to can think about this were mine.
-do p90x plus cardio on weight p90x workout days
do p90x or cardio on other days

-eat 90% unprocessed food
-drink my shakeology everyday

What can you do to help your weight loss today?

Today's workout: p90x shoulders and arms plus ab ripper x and 30 min walk on treadmill
today's diet:
half cup oats, 2 eggs
salad with tofu
strawberry shakeology with a banana
vegetables with hummus


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

p90x and pushing day five:)

So today was my fifth day of p90x , which was legs and back plus ab ripper x.  I do have pretty strong legs, although the exercises were tough.....LOL I hate pull ups, but I know they are good for me, so I'm trying.
I started with my 12 lb weights (although I usually lift with 15 lbs weights) because I thought the exercises would be tougher....I think next week I am pushing up to 15 lb weights.  I'm setting a goal for myself to be able to use 20 lb weights on most exercises at the end of the 90 days.

Since I'm really pushing for that goal of ultimate weight loss goal (aka uwlg:), I also did cardio.  2 mile run, 3 mile walk-2 of the 3 miles were hills. I'm tired, but It will all be worth it.
And maybe that groucho walk in the leg video will rid me of that small thigh jiggle I still have ( I felt it there...shoo).

Today's workout: p90x legs and back, ab ripper x, 2 mile jog , 3mile walk
today's diet
2 eggs, half cup oats
black bean burrito
10 raw almonds
strawberry shakeology with fresh strawberries
nonfat cottage cheese

new challenge group starts on august 12th.....message for info or email


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

p90x day four

So today was the fourth day of p90x for me.  today was yoga x, which I thought I would never get through.  I do totally acknowledge all the health benefits of yoga....I'm just not that good at it.  So 90 minutes of yoga seemed like a long time....but I did it....yippee! I will keep plodding through, and I'm looking at a Saturday or sunday weigh in.....closing in on that goal.

-August 12th new weight loss challenge group or message for info

Today's workout: 45 min elliptical, yoga x (90 Min)
Today's diet:
p90x protein bar
2 eggs, half cup oats
chocolate shakeology with natural pb

Monday, August 5, 2013

last day of group starts august 12th

Good morning everyone,
Today is the last day of my online weight loss challenge group...I'm so excited with some of the progress the challengers have made.  Our highest weight loss was 22 lbs in a month...I think that's phenomenal!Everyone did well though!
My next challenge starts on August 12th.  I have a few new participants, a few participants who are still working towards their goal....I'm doing p90x myself and hoping to get to my own goal....what's missing?
Why not join us for this 45 day challenge? STart a new exercise and eating regiment and become the best you that you can be!
Message me or email me for
Nothing to lose....except weight!

Today's workout: p90x shoulders and arms, ab ripper x, either a run or elliptical (haven't went outside yet to see how warm it is:)
Today's diet:
2 eggs, half cup oats
tofu and veggies
strawberry shakeology with banana

have a great day!