Wednesday, August 14, 2013

having fun while trying to be "good":)

So when I first started losing weight, I had a hard time balancing having fun with being able to be healthy.  So many things involve calories LOL, eating out, drinking, etc., and I didn't want to sacrifice my good eating habits to go out.  But this gets lonely and hard fast (and is probably that reason for the period of time when I gained back 20 lbs of the weight I had lost). 
You can be "good" and have fun too.  Tonight two friends and I are going line dancing....this is something I absolutely never ever thought I would do:).  Traditionally, I don't like country music, but last week a friend suggested I'd go and why not.  Actually, I had a blast...not because I'm good...I actually was terrible, but there were lots of laughs and I was moving (not that I "counted" it as exercise...but it was better than drinking).  The bar with the dancing has only fatty we tried to find an alternate.  There is a Japanese place nearby and I am going to try sashimi.  Formerly , I thought it was gross, but I have learned to try foods more than once.  I know it's a really high protein , low calorie option, and I'm giving it a shot.

You can have fun and be healthy...there's just a little creativity required:)
Today's workout
p90x legs and back, ab ripper x, 3 mile jog
today's diet
two eggs, half cup oats
chocolate shakeology with a banana

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