Monday, August 12, 2013

first day of challenge and SUCCESS

lol i'll be a little selfish...success first:) 2.1. lbs lost today almost a whole inch off waist
And I'm looking at myself yesterday ...had on a strapless dress and realized...I have some nice arms, back, and shoulders:)
Not bragging because I worked hard for those:)

Today is the first day of the 45 day weight loss challenge.....I love first days...I get pumped.  Worked out with one of my challengers today and gave out some shakeology samples. 
I had everyone start by settting a goal and telling 3 actions they would do this week to get to can think about this were mine.
-do p90x plus cardio on weight p90x workout days
do p90x or cardio on other days

-eat 90% unprocessed food
-drink my shakeology everyday

What can you do to help your weight loss today?

Today's workout: p90x shoulders and arms plus ab ripper x and 30 min walk on treadmill
today's diet:
half cup oats, 2 eggs
salad with tofu
strawberry shakeology with a banana
vegetables with hummus