Friday, June 28, 2013

end of challenge.....but I'm still on my journey

So today was the last day of our challenge.  My results were 17.3 lbs lost and 18.4 inches lost.  I was pretty happy (I do admit I just bought myself a new dress (in a smaller size...medium!).  I am also so proud of my challenge participants..we had some big losses .  37.5 lbs was the biggest...but there were some other great ones.....15 lbs, 17lbs, 10 lbs, 7 lbs and 12 inches, 12 lbs, one person lost a pants size (that was her goal), and everyone lost something. 
I still have more to lose and am still on my journey.  My next challenge starts July 7th and anyone who wants to join is welcome I did take today off of dieting and exercise (although I still had shakeology for dinner) but I return to normal tomorrow.
Good work to all my challenge participants.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

omg i forgot the incentive

I offer a start your month right incentive to new customers who sign up for the challenge on july 1,2, or 3....message for details

warrior's challenge plus incentive

July 7th kicks off my warrior's challenge.  It runs until August 4th and will be the challenge that gets you in the best shape of your life.  Since it's a warrior's challenge, it also features a great prize...a $50.00 Visa gift card for the person with the most points at the end ( will that be used to buy some new clothes since you'll be thinner?:)  I have a few warriors in line...will you join them?
Remember it doesn't matter what you did a week ago, yesterday, or an hour matters what you do now and how you start and end your journey...let me help you.  Message me or email for more details.

Today's workout: 3.5 mile run, 60 minute combat ultimate warrior workout
Today's diet:
2 eggs, 1 half cup oats
greek yogurt
tofu and veggies
chocolate shakeology with a natural peanut butter
mini quiche (mini muffin size)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

making time for yourself to get healthy (or achieve what you need to)

I know one obstacle I faced when I was losing weight was learning it's okay to take time for yourself to be healthy.  I was constantly doing things for other people, and I found it hard to say no.  I tried to lose weight so many times, but I was often derailed by the need to help everyone else or being nervous to say I needed time for myself .  And that was a big reason for my failure in losing weight. 
AS I started to lose weight, I realized that it was important to take time out for myself.  I'm a better , happier person.  I'm actually able to do more for others and the world in general when I'm happy with myself. 
Here's a few tips for scheduling some time to yourself.
-Work in time to exercise as though it is another job.  I look at my schedule in advance for the week and plan workout time.  On busy days, I do get up early to exercise least it's done and then I can focus on my day.  Record it on your calendar if you have to.  Whatever you have to do...just get it done.  Believe it or not, it will become a habit.
-Reward yourself \for good "habits" with some me time.  If I work hard and exercise all week, I do take an hour to myself on Sunday to do anything I want...and I admit, sometimes it's down time, but I earn it, and I don't take away from it.
-Use days when you have more time to make healthy meals that can go in the fridge. Then you can just reach in and grab something healthy.

-Me time-key to success!

Today's workout: weights (back, chest, abs, lats)
Today's diet: breakfast : egg whites, multigrain english muffin with natural peanut butter
Snack: greek yogurt
Lunch: black bean burritos
snack: orange
Dinner:salad with chicken, lemon squeezed on it instead of dressing

July 7th begins the warriors' challenge. This will run until august 4th and you will lose weight and inches.  Message me or email for details.  My "biggest loser" in this challenge lost 34 lbs !

Monday, June 24, 2013

warrior's challenge

July 7th starts my warrior's will run from the 7th to august 4th and you will lose weight:).  I will be giving unlimited free help to my participants.  Please message me or email if you are interested (
My biggest loser this month lost 32 lbs in 6 weeks.
All you have to lose from asking are pounds and inches:)

surrounding yourself with success (in all areas of life, but esp. weight loss)

I said I dedicated this week to posting about my mistakes and this was a huge one.  I wasn't surrounding myself with success and therefore, I was being unsuccessful.
Misery needs company.  I went through a period in my life where I know I was miserable.  I had lost someone close to me, I was enormous and very depressed.  For the most part, I was hanging around with similar people.  Depressed, miserable people who didn't have control over their lives.  Once the fog lifted so to speak, and I wasn't miserable anymore I had to step back and say...why is this my friend?  It sounds terrible, but I realized the only thing I had in common with a few people was eating bad food, drinking, and bitching.  I wasn't surrouding myself with successful people, so I wasn't successful.
I made some changes in my social circle as I lost weight, and it was for the better.  I no longer spent time with those who were always complaining (everyone has a bad day, but a series of bad days is a cause for HMMM).  I started trying to make new friends through finding ppl with similar interests (and am still doing this).  I have a new lifestyle and I need to be around those who do too.  I'm more interested in a meetup group to hike , network, or join exercise classes than I am one to go out to dine at new places.
Those you are around do influence you....choose wisely.

Today's workout: Insanity the Asylum strength, half hour on elliptical
Today's diet:
egg white omelette with broccoli and tomato
wheat english muffin with natural peanut butter
snack: orange
lunch: black bean burrito
snack: banana
dinner: chocolate shakeology with natural peanut butter

Sunday, June 23, 2013

dieting mishaps :)

I said I'd be blogging about some mistakes I made, and I decided to start with dieting goes (don't worry I am sticking to the major ones, so this will not be a 10,000 page post like it should be:).

Misconception one:  I deserve this food because I'm sad, angry, happy, depressed,etc. A celebration is going on and I get a treat.

I had myself to a point where I deserved a bad food no matter what my mood was.  A short period of time passed where my eating was out of control.  Food is not around for pleasure, it's around to nourish us and give us energy.  Once I started looking at food as an energy source rather than a source of pleasure, my eating pattern changed. 
In terms of the celebration though...there's always a's always someone's birthday, or an occasion in someone's life: a new baby, a new job, a graduation, marriage, anniversary,etc.  If you ate for all of out scale.  Choose wisely during celebrations.

Misconception Two: Everything I eat must be absolutely delicious.
This was a huge problem for me. I never tried anything a second time that I didn't like the first time.  This goes back to my previous is energy.  I gave some foods I initially disliked a second shot and low and behold...they taste just fine.  Everything we eat isn't going to be delicious...that's ok.  When we're healthy, we are getting pleasure from life in other ways.

MIsconception Three: I'll eat horribly and work it off at the gym.
Impossible.  Working out extra after eating one piece of pizza ....good idea.  EAting a whole pie and thinking you're working it way.  You still consumed all that salt and fat and long are you going to work out...two days?  I was guilty of this all the time. Make sure treats are treats and not an all out cheat.

Misconception Four: Losing weight is fast and easy.
Losing weight is not fast and easy lol.  It is hard work.  I had to take a hard look at how much I had to lose and realize the work involved.  I started off needing to lose 150 lbs. Would walking a mile be enough to get that off  I started with walking because I was too heavy to do anything else...but I realized I had to ramp up that exercise to change my weight.  I tell people that weight loss is a marathon , not a sprint.

Misconception five:  As you near your goal, you can slack off.
Let me tell you that these last pounds have been the hardest.  I am looking forward to the option of changing from 6 to 5 days of exercise when I hit goal, but they will be a hard 5 days.  The reality is if you were ever overweight, you probably need to work out 5-6 days a week for at least 45- 1 hour and eat healthy 95% of the time to prevent yourself from slipping into old habits...think of it this way...your doctor will love you.

So I'm hoping my mistakes help keep you from making the same ones:).

Today's workout: 7 mile jog, 1 mile walk, 30 min body combat
Today's diet:
2 eggs, half cup oats
green salad with balsamic vinegar
baked chicken wings with broccoli
(possibly another snack later.....planning meals early, busy day today:)

yay measurements:)

Measured myself for progress today....two inches off lower abs /hips (my problem area ), 1 inch off waist, 0.4 off each thigh, 0.75 off chest.
Love to see those numbers shrink:)

Saturday, June 22, 2013

personal development to aid weight loss (or any goal you have)

So I always try to reflect on the things that have made me successful in weight loss, and I think personal development is def. one of them. One thing I threw away with my extra weight was excuses.  Not just in terms of weight loss , but in terms of all my bad habits in my life.  Owning up to the fact that bad things that happen are mostly bad choices you've made isn't easy, but it's true.  I've done some personal development to help me reach this realization, and I wanted to share two great resources I've found.
-This is purely for weight loss...Weight loss For People Who Feel Too Much by Colette Baron-Reid.  I totally admit I saw this book on the shelf and was like really? LOL.  After going through the store and thinking about it more though, I picked it up. Prior to reading it, I always knew the real reason I started to gain weight was for emotional reasons.  I never faced them, and so I was never reaching my goal.  This book is not a manuel on how to lose does reveal how to deal with emotions in ways other than eating.  One very painful (but necessary) thing you have to do is identify the time or times you've gained weight...I was in tears.  But once I really thought about it, I realized if I continued bad habits and feeling sorry for myself about those things , I was a victim.  If I faced them head on, that made me a survivor. And at the end of the day, I'm no one's or no circumstance's victim.  There's a lot of journaling and homework in the book, but it's worth the time.  If you are an emotional eater, I recommend it....thank you Colette Baron-Reid.
-This one is for all bad habits or just wanting to change your life.  I am currently reading The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy.  It focuses on how to change your life through changing habits and choices.  It also requires journaling, and I'm still working through it.  One thing that helped me was looking at the main "barrier" in my life and writing the things I have done to make it worse....there were a lot.  Seeing that bad choices lead up to a problem really made me see I'm in control of my own destiny.....and I need to work harder to make things better.  Great book for people seeking to make big (or small) changes to change their life.

I'll be sharing some mistakes and change I've made in my life....they may seem hard to connect to weight loss, but they do.....being healthy is something that weaves into every area of life...and I'm hoping to help someone (many someones , scratch that) improve their life.

Today's workout: zumba, 1 hour of body combat
today's diet:
egg white omelette with spinach and tomato, Ezekiel bread toast with natutal p.b.
lunch: salad with hard boiled eggs, balsamic vinegar in lieu of dressing
dinner: strawberry shakeology with fresh blueberries
(yes I did plan this ahead today:)

Monday, June 17, 2013

eating out without blowing your weight loss -drinking

So you wanna eat out and drink huh?  Obviously, I'll tell you that you should avoid alcohol while dieting...and you should.  But if you 're out and that's your's a few tips to avoid totally blowing your healthy eating plan.
-Avoid fruity drinks and frozen pina coladas, margheritas, etc. -They have a lot of sugar.
-Ounce for ounce a shot is actually your best does the trick and it's not as many calories as most mixed drinks.
-Lite beer or wine is a decent bet (lol one glass only).
-Gotta have the mixed drink?  rum and diet coke, vodka and tonic, martini...better choices than anything with juice because of the sugar.
Of course , always drink responsibly and have fun (but not too much fun...that scale beckons:).

Today's workout: weights (biceps, triceps, abs, shoulders), Insanity the Asylum "overtime" dvd, 1 hour of zumba ( my friend's class that I never get to ..but had a personal day today:)
Today's diet:
breakfast: 2 eggs, half cup oats
snack: nectarine
lunch: p90 protein bar and a banana (usually don't do bars for lunch, but I was running around)
dinner: chocolate shakeology with natural peanut butter
snack: corn on the cob

Sunday, June 16, 2013

eating out while maintaining your weight -lunch and dinner

So you wanna go out to eat while eating healthy...NOPE!  Just kidding..there are a few strategies to help you when you eat out.
Going out for lunch or dinner?
Before you go decide your approach...are you being perfect and all healthy or picking one treat (notice that having a total bender and pigging out is not listed as an option:)?
If you're going for perfection-
1. skip the breadbasket if there is one
2.  Choose items that are grilled, steamed, broiled, skip fried items all together.
3.  Be careful if you choose a salad...some have so many unhealthy add ons.  Personally, I skip dressing and ask for lemon on the side to use instead.
4.  Sides should be veggies....ask for steamed veggies with no butter or a plain baked potato (they're only bad after you add butter, sour cream, bacon bits, etc.)

If you're picking one treat- check the menu out first online and decide what it will be.  Once you're in the moment, it's easy to decide you want everything.
The rest of the meal should be healthy....having fries?- grilled chicken and no dessert
having dessert?- healthy main course
indulging in a drink?   healthy meal then

Don't feel awkward about eating out healthy.....people are easily influenced and you may be surprised that they follow suit.

Today's diet:
breakfast 2 eggs, 1 piece wheat toast
snack: nectarine
Lunch: carrot, ginger, and cashew soup
Dinner: chocolate shakeology with natural peanut butter
Snack: air popped popcorn
Today's workout: (didn't do this yet, but I'm thinking 6 mile jog, 1 mile walk (provided I don't get rained on) and a 30 min combat dvd

Body combat is on sale for two more weeks....get the awesome dvd and shakeology at a discounted price (it works out that the dvd is 10 bucks and it's usually 59.95!)...want it? or email for more info

Thursday, June 13, 2013

healthier dining out...breakfast

I figured Id start with the first and most important meal of the day in discussing eating out.  I love going out to breakfast and breakfast is my favorite meal of the day...but it can be a calorie trap!  Here's a few pointers.
-If you're trying to be perfect.....egg whites or an egg white omelette with veggies and fresh fruit are the best option (or at the least wheat toast!)
- A little bad:)- an omelette with toast....skip the hash browns though
-It's a treat meal- Choose one "splurge" but always include protein.  If you must have pancakes...(I get it I love them too) get an egg too.  This way you won't be hungry later.  REally want bacon? Have eggs or egg whites with it and split the hash browns.  Hash browns your first love?  Just eggs and toast (or fruit) with that.
As always easy on the sugar in the coffee! Skip juice unless that's your's really just empty calories.

You can have breakfast out and still have a healthy day!

Today's workout: rest day:) I needed it.
Today's diet:
Breakfast: 2 eggs, half cup oats
Snack: greek yogurt
Lunch: tofu and veggies
Snack: apple, pistachios
Dinner: chocolate shakeology with natural peanut butter

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

eating out without blowing your eating plan part I

Dining out is always a challenge when you're watching your weight.  You want to go and be social, but you don't want to be the only one not enjoying your food.  Over the next few days, I'll be sharing some ways to eat out without blowing your healthy eating away.
I definitely recommend choosing the restaurant if you can.  Sometimes our companions give us the option to choose, and we , that's ok you pick.  WELL STOP DOING THAT.  You want to choose a place with healthier options that you can stomach having.  I mean, all pizza places have a salad on the menu, but can you resist the large pepperoni when you only have a salad?  I went out to eat the other night and purposefully chose a seafood restaurant.  There are lots of healthier options there and I don't mind having baked fish. It didnt bother me that my friend had fried shrimp because I dont really like that.  Even if you can't pick the restaurant, go online and look at the menu before you arrive.  Look for healthier options, or think about how you  can ask the chef to prepare it to be healthier....can that steak with a cream sauce just be grilled?  Can something fried be baked?
Go ready to eat well and you will. Plan ahead.

Today's workout: weights (chest, back, lats, abs) and 1 hour of zumba
Today's diet: breakfast 2 eggs, 1 half cup oats
Snack: greek yogurt
lunch: black bean burrritos
snack: apple
dinner: chocolate shakeology with natural peanut butter

Monday, June 10, 2013

first dining out experience since starting my challenge

So this week I will give some tips for eating out without blowing your eating plan out of whack.  Yesterday was my first dining out experience since my challenge (lol with a non challenge friend)...I went out once before with someone who was on the challenge...and we def. watched each other's eating.  I did choose fairly wisely.....baked scrod, a side salad , and plain baked potato.  I did enjoy one beer, since I haven't had anything to drink in about 50 days.  Boy, that was the best beer ever...and I think it gave me a buzz too.  When you don't eat or drink something in a while, it tastes even better when you do indulge.  That was my treat for the evening.  I decided not to have dessert, although the person I was out with did, because sweet foods trigger me to overeat.
STay tuned this week for dining out tips.

Today's workout: weights (biceps, triceps, shoulders, abs)
Insanity the Asylum DVD vertical plyo
Today's diet:
egg white omelette with green peppers and mushrooms, wheat toast with natural peanut butter
Snack: orange
Lunch :tofu with veggies
Snack: celery with hummus
Dinner: strawberry shakeology with fresh blueberries

Sunday, June 9, 2013

super happy today

Weigh In today: I lost 4.2 lbs this week:).  1.8 more until the next "decade"
This brings my personal challenge (meaning the FB challenge I am doing with my clients) to 15 lbs. Total lost 132.2. 
This was a hard week for me.  Coming off the injured foot, the first few days of exercise I didn't feel that strong.  A few people got upset with me because they invited me out to eat and I declined....knowing that I wanted a better weight loss number, coming off only a half pound last week.  But ...I kept my goal in mind.  The only way I can win this battle with my weight is by staying determined.  I know I can do it:)
So can you....need or post on the blog.

Today's exercise: 5 mile run, 30 min body combat
Today's diet :
breakfast 2 eggs with a half cup oats
lunch: chocolate strawberry shakeology with fresh blueberries
Dinner: dinner out (45 days straight of good I'm going out tonight for dinner....will see how it goes.  I am going to a seafood restaurant and planning on getting baked fish.

warrior's challenge begins june 17th...are you ready?  message me for info or email  It's a hard 30 days to tone down and release the warrior inside of you.

Saturday, June 8, 2013


So I'm known as the vitamin queen...I take lots of vitamins and supplements (all known and approved by my doctor).  I will say (and knock on wood with this) that since I've started eating better , exercising, and taking supplements I haven't been sick in three years (besides things given to me by students lol i.e. pinkeye and seasonal allergies).  It is definitely the combination of the 3 that keeps me healthy, but I wanted to share some supplments you might want to try. If your body is deficient in a vitamin or mineral you may feel hungry to make up for it, so always check vitamin levels at your annual physical (your doctor does this when taking your blood), but here are some hints.
-vitamin C- It helps your immune system be strong and is water soluble (that means if your body has too much , you pee it out:).
-fish oil pills- great for helping with cholesterol
-Vitamin B12- I'm deficient in this and have to take it. You may or may  not need a doctor said people are often deficient in it.
-Glucosamine /chrondroitin- I started using this during marathon training....helps with joint health.
-CLA-I used to date a bodybuilder and he put me on to this supplement, which helps reduce belly fat.  I never go a day without CLA:).
calcium-I take an extra calcium supplement. Women particularly need this for strong bones as well as people over 50.

-Did you know that you can get a lot of the vitamins and minerals you need from Shakeology?  Many of your daily values of vitamins and minerals are in this meal replacement shake and superfood.  Message me or email for details.

*** as always, check with your doctor about supplements , but these have helped me.

Today's exercise:
zumba, 1 hour of body combat
Today's diet: wheat
Toast with natural peanut butter, egg white omelette with tomato
Snack: banan
Lunch: sautéed navy beans with spinach and kale
Dinner: strawberry shakeology with blueberries

WEEKLY MEASUREMENT TOTALS: This week: 0.5 in off hips, 1 in off waist, 0.4 in off each thigh , 0.6 off shoulders, 1 inch off chest
15.6 inches lost in 6 weeks:)

Friday, June 7, 2013

conclusion-small changes to aid weight loss

I realized I would said I would write until I ran out of tips...and I think I told all the good ones.  I want to remind everyone there are small things you can do to be healthier (see my week's posts), but weight loss is a commitment.  It's a marathon, not a sprint.  If you stick to  it, you can get to your goal. 
If you are in need of health or support, a new facebook challenge groups starts June 17th.  Email or comment on the blog for details.

Today's workout: legs and abs weight workout, 1 hour of power yoga
Insanity the Asylum Back to Core DVD

Today's diet:
Breakfast: 2 eggs, half cup of oats
Snack: greek yogurt
Lunch: grilled chicken breast, corn
Snack: grapes
Dinner: strawberry shakeology with a fresh banana mixed in.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

small changes to aid weight loss part VI

***my good news of the day first:  This will be one of the last times I wear the dress I have on now.  It's longish now that my stomach is smaller............excited.
There was a little article about my weight loss coaching in the new haven advocate:)-yippee!

Small changes to aid weight loss part VI

-This is a suggestion I had to take for myself this morning.
Force yourself to at least make it to your gym, workout, class, etc.  even if you don't feel like it.  Usually once you get there, you'll feel better.  Even if you don't, stay for at least 15 minutes.  In that time , you'll get something done and something is always better than nothing!:)
    I had to try this in the AM.  I got up, was tired, and just blah.  I didnt really want to work out, but I started my 60 minute combat workout, felt a bit more energetic and got through it.  So I ended up doing more than I would have if I had chosen to stay in bed.
GEt out there and go for that workout!

Today's workout: 60 min Body Combat, weights (easy set with low weights - shoulders, biceps, triceps, back, chest, abs)
Today's diet:
egg white omelette with spinach, wheat toast with natural peanut butter
Snack: greek yogurt with fresh strawberries
Lunch: tofu with veggies
Snack: orange
Dinner: chocolate shakeology with natural peanut butter (1 tbsp)

*** Measured my waist today because it just seemed smaller in my workout pants....minus one half inch from last week:)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

small changes to aid weight loss part 5

This may sound like an odd tip...but it's always worked for me so I'm going to share it.  Most of weight loss is mind over mattter , so this is one to help you with motivation.
-Develop a mantra for working out and eating well.
When I was training for the marathon for the first time, the distance runs were so hard for me.  I hadn't trained before , and I didn't know it would be as hard as it was to do the 20-22 mile run.  When I was tired I'd say "I'm a marathoner, I'm a marathoner" to get through the rough patches.  I still use this mantra today (figuring if I did the marathon I could do any workout). But here's some mantras you might try.....comment on the blog if you have your own  might help inspire someone else.
-Go hard or go home.
-Nothing to do but do it.
-I'm a beast, warrior, fighter , goddess, god (whatever motivates you) and I can do this.

When I want to eat something bad, I think of my body idol (Rach from Body Combat) and say....My abs won't look like hers if I eat this.  That's my healthy eating's a few to try.
-This isn't worth it (whatever the bad food is).
-Nothing feels better than being in control feels.
-I don't need to eat this.
-I will wait ten minutes and in ten minutes I won't want this anymore.

See if you can psyche yourself up to exercise and psyche yourself out of eating bad foods by using your mantras:)

Today's workout: weights (lats, chest, back, abs), 1 hour of zumba
Today's diet:
Breakfast : 2 eggs, half cup oats
Snack: greek yogurt with blueberries
Lunch: black bean burrrito
Snack: orange
Dinner: strawberry shakeology with fresh strawberries

***it's almost time for the warrior's challenge....who's with me?  Email for details  It's never too late to start (and if you ask me now, you can get your shakeology sample before you start).

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

small changes to aid weight loss....part 4

I'm surprised I'm even typing this change...if you told me a year ago I was going to write this, I would have said you were nuts.  I see it works though, so I want to share.
-Switch to vegetarian eating twice a week.
As I said before...I might have said I was a meatatarian before.  The thought of going without meat was awful.  I started eating vegetarian two days a week, and I did notice I lost weight and also had more energy.  Bottom line...if you choose plant based meals that are healthy (lol no brownies because they don't have meat) they will be lower calorie than meat.  I actually find that I am usually eating vegetarian five days a week...but start small.
Here are some suggestions for vegetarian main dishes:
black bean burritos (cant load with sour cream...use whole wheat tortilla)
tofu with veggies ( I was so opposed to trying I eat it 2-3 times a week)
salad with hard boiled egg for protein (since this is vegetarian , but vegan)
navy beans sautéed with spinach and zucchini (or try veggies you like)
homemade vegetable soup (tomato sauce base with water, zucchini, corn, potato, green beans) I guess you could also use veggies you is the limit
Dried beans really fill you up, are super low fat, and have lots of protein.....try some recipes with beans for a winning combination!
So go for it....meatless for two days a week.
Bonus:  It's cheaper to buy tofu or dried beans as a protein source than meat.

Today's workout: insanity the asylum back to core DVD, 4 mile jog, 15 min quick weight workout
Today's diet:
egg whites with spinach, fruit salad
snack: greek yogurt
lunch: tofu with veggies
snack: carrots with hummus
Dinner: chocolate shakeology with natural peanut butter

Monday, June 3, 2013

small changes to aid weight loss part III

First off all, before I post this......foot xray....good! Yippee! I am so excited.  I do have a few restrictions ( no distance running for a few weeks), but I am glad to be healed.
Talking about exercise....that's what the small change is about.  Changing your exercise up can help you lose weight. 
I remember when I started exercising I was walking on the treadmill...I lost a little weight, then my body adapted.  This happens.  Your body adapts to have to change up what you do to keep losing weight.
The same thing happened when I did the marathon....I was running 40-45 miles per week and not losing body had adapted to running.
So you need to switch up exercising to drop those pounds.  If you are a walker, throw in running intervals.  Runner? Try a class like zumba, pilates, etc.  Always on the elliptical?  Try the rowing machine or pick up weights.
For me, I try to keep my workouts mixed up to avoid boredom and plateaus.  I run, lift weights, use the elliptical, alternate btw. my beachbody videos (Combat and Insanity the Asylum), do zumba, and more.  Try something never know what you'll love and your body and the scale will love you for it.

Today's workout: weights (biceps, triceps, shoulders, abs, lats), 45 min of swimming, 30 min Body Combat DVD (Combat Kick Start)
Today's diet: breakfast -2 eggs, half cup oats
Snack: greek yogurt
Lunch: black bean burritos
Snack: celery with hummus
Snack: rice cake with natural peanut butter
Dinner: strawberry shakeology with a banana

***June 17th begins the warrior challenge...are you ready to change your shape and body?  Post to the blog or email
*** My secret weapon the Combat challenge pack (Body Combat plus Shakeology) is on sale this me to find out more about it.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

the warriors challenge is coming on june 17th ...are you ready?

June 17th begins my warriors' challenge.  I will be hosting an online group on facebook to help support anyone who joins.  This is an all out 30 day challenge to jump start your weight loss and change your shape. 
It does require a commitment from you.  You need to have a challenge pack to use from my site to play.  Yes, this costs money.  There are going to be rules for the challenge to help you lose weight.
The only question you should ask yourself is are you ready to lose?  If you are, join the challenge.  Too often, we hesitate with weight loss....I'm not ready, or I don't have the time or the money.....make the time.  We have to make big changes to get big losses, and that's what the challenge will bring you.  We like to think little changes help, but little changes bring little results.  Will walking 30 min a day get you to a 50 lb loss?  Honestly, if it does it's going to take a long time.  This is a way to jump start your weight loss and change your shape.
I lost 11.3 inches this month on the Les Mills combat challenge pack.  With all my weight loss, I really felt like my lower stomach was still  fat, and I was so uncomfortable with it.  Losing 4 inches off that area has made a huge difference in how I feel about myself.  I want you to feel that confidence too.
Are you ready to lose big and change your shape?  I want you to think about participating in the WArrior's challenge starting on the 17th.....and when you decide you're or email me ( and let me help you choose a challenge pack that's right for you.  I will be with you every step of the way helping you lose weight.

***There is a referral incentive for this this entry on a social media page of yours (add me into your friends so I can see) or have someone you know wants to lose weight email me and mention your name as referral and I will enter you in a drawing for a 25.00 egift card to my beachbody site......use it on shakeology, dvds , vitamins, and more.  There's a chance to win just for referring someone to the challenge.

Will you release your inner warrior and win the battle of weight loss?

small changes to aid weight loss part II

Happy Sunday everyone.....hope you are all enjoying it.  I will be off to my swim later, and my injured foot feels better so hoping for a good xray tomorrow am.
Today's tip: Be conscious to move as much as you can.  When you first start losing....look at a long period of exercise can be about just moving more?  Buy a pedometer (there are ones at walmart or target for like 5 bucks) and use it.  The goal is at least 10,000 steps.  But just do normal movement one day, see how many steps you get, and aim to increase by 1,000 steps a day until you reach 10,000. 
Examples of how to do this:
-Take the stairs.
- I see so many people in condos/apts drive to the garbage or the mailbox...stop doing that...walk!
-At work, if you work in an office (or school in my case), walk to the farthest rest room to use it.  EAt a snack?  Leave it in the staff lounge or lunchroom and walk to get it.
-Store nearby?  Walk when you only need a few things...every Sunday (not today because I'm staying off the foot but on normal occasions) I walk to get the paper.  It's about 7 minutes there and back gets in a 15 min walk about. 
-play outside with the kids or take your dog for a longer walk (Fido will love you!)

Moving more can be a great first step to transitioning to more exercise.:) The best time to start is today!

Today's exercise: swimming and weight training
Today's diet: egg white omelet with spinach , 1 half cup oats
Snack: banana
Lunch: salad with hard boiled egg
Snack: veggies with hummus (celery, green peppers, carrots)
Dinner: chocolate shakeology with natural peanut butter


Saturday, June 1, 2013

small changes to increase weight loss series

so until I run out of ideas :), I am including a "small changes to weight loss" section of my blog.  Each day will have some you can do to aid in your weight loss.
Today's small change: Make your coffee one step healthier...this means:
extra light and sweet -light and sweet
light and sweet-regular
regular-2 sugar and cream
2 sugar and cream-no sugar

I'm down to skim milk, no sugar ....I don't think I can do black.  But I started at extra light, extra sweet (now I think I'd gag on the sugar:), so that is a big change.

Put my foot down today and didn't hurt.  I'm still being cautious but not being in pain is great! 

Today's exercise:
1  hour of swimming, 30 min weight workout (one exercise per muscle group -back, chest , upper abs, lower abs, obliques, biceps, lats, shoulders, triceps, chest) and "modified" pushups (since I'm not supposed to put weight on my foot yet

Today's diet:
Breakfast: wheat toast with natural pb, a frittata I made (egg whites, potato, green peppers, mushroom, onions)- one piece of that (the rest was taken home by my brother who had breakfast with me this am)
Snack: apple
Lunch: chicken burger, wheat roll, corn
Snack: raisins
Dinner: strawberry shakeology with blueberries
Snack: carrots

For the month of June, the challenge pack that I consider to be the secret of my success is ON SALE!  Body Combat with Shakeology!  20.00 savings. I love combat...the first thing I'm doing when I get cleared to put weight on this foot is doing a combat dvd.  It's tied with running for my first love:)  do you want to hear more about it?  email me, comment on the blog, or visit
To quote Rach on the Dvd "Nows the time to fight for your fitness!"

Stay tuned for small changes to aid weight loss:)