Thursday, June 13, 2013

healthier dining out...breakfast

I figured Id start with the first and most important meal of the day in discussing eating out.  I love going out to breakfast and breakfast is my favorite meal of the day...but it can be a calorie trap!  Here's a few pointers.
-If you're trying to be perfect.....egg whites or an egg white omelette with veggies and fresh fruit are the best option (or at the least wheat toast!)
- A little bad:)- an omelette with toast....skip the hash browns though
-It's a treat meal- Choose one "splurge" but always include protein.  If you must have pancakes...(I get it I love them too) get an egg too.  This way you won't be hungry later.  REally want bacon? Have eggs or egg whites with it and split the hash browns.  Hash browns your first love?  Just eggs and toast (or fruit) with that.
As always easy on the sugar in the coffee! Skip juice unless that's your's really just empty calories.

You can have breakfast out and still have a healthy day!

Today's workout: rest day:) I needed it.
Today's diet:
Breakfast: 2 eggs, half cup oats
Snack: greek yogurt
Lunch: tofu and veggies
Snack: apple, pistachios
Dinner: chocolate shakeology with natural peanut butter