Monday, June 10, 2013

first dining out experience since starting my challenge

So this week I will give some tips for eating out without blowing your eating plan out of whack.  Yesterday was my first dining out experience since my challenge (lol with a non challenge friend)...I went out once before with someone who was on the challenge...and we def. watched each other's eating.  I did choose fairly wisely.....baked scrod, a side salad , and plain baked potato.  I did enjoy one beer, since I haven't had anything to drink in about 50 days.  Boy, that was the best beer ever...and I think it gave me a buzz too.  When you don't eat or drink something in a while, it tastes even better when you do indulge.  That was my treat for the evening.  I decided not to have dessert, although the person I was out with did, because sweet foods trigger me to overeat.
STay tuned this week for dining out tips.

Today's workout: weights (biceps, triceps, shoulders, abs)
Insanity the Asylum DVD vertical plyo
Today's diet:
egg white omelette with green peppers and mushrooms, wheat toast with natural peanut butter
Snack: orange
Lunch :tofu with veggies
Snack: celery with hummus
Dinner: strawberry shakeology with fresh blueberries