Tuesday, June 11, 2013

eating out without blowing your eating plan part I

Dining out is always a challenge when you're watching your weight.  You want to go and be social, but you don't want to be the only one not enjoying your food.  Over the next few days, I'll be sharing some ways to eat out without blowing your healthy eating away.
I definitely recommend choosing the restaurant if you can.  Sometimes our companions give us the option to choose, and we say...no , that's ok you pick.  WELL STOP DOING THAT.  You want to choose a place with healthier options that you can stomach having.  I mean, all pizza places have a salad on the menu, but can you resist the large pepperoni when you only have a salad?  I went out to eat the other night and purposefully chose a seafood restaurant.  There are lots of healthier options there and I don't mind having baked fish. It didnt bother me that my friend had fried shrimp because I dont really like that.  Even if you can't pick the restaurant, go online and look at the menu before you arrive.  Look for healthier options, or think about how you  can ask the chef to prepare it to be healthier....can that steak with a cream sauce just be grilled?  Can something fried be baked?
Go ready to eat well and you will. Plan ahead.

Today's workout: weights (chest, back, lats, abs) and 1 hour of zumba
Today's diet: breakfast 2 eggs, 1 half cup oats
Snack: greek yogurt
lunch: black bean burrritos
snack: apple
dinner: chocolate shakeology with natural peanut butter