Sunday, June 9, 2013

super happy today

Weigh In today: I lost 4.2 lbs this week:).  1.8 more until the next "decade"
This brings my personal challenge (meaning the FB challenge I am doing with my clients) to 15 lbs. Total lost 132.2. 
This was a hard week for me.  Coming off the injured foot, the first few days of exercise I didn't feel that strong.  A few people got upset with me because they invited me out to eat and I declined....knowing that I wanted a better weight loss number, coming off only a half pound last week.  But ...I kept my goal in mind.  The only way I can win this battle with my weight is by staying determined.  I know I can do it:)
So can you....need or post on the blog.

Today's exercise: 5 mile run, 30 min body combat
Today's diet :
breakfast 2 eggs with a half cup oats
lunch: chocolate strawberry shakeology with fresh blueberries
Dinner: dinner out (45 days straight of good I'm going out tonight for dinner....will see how it goes.  I am going to a seafood restaurant and planning on getting baked fish.

warrior's challenge begins june 17th...are you ready?  message me for info or email  It's a hard 30 days to tone down and release the warrior inside of you.