Monday, June 17, 2013

eating out without blowing your weight loss -drinking

So you wanna eat out and drink huh?  Obviously, I'll tell you that you should avoid alcohol while dieting...and you should.  But if you 're out and that's your's a few tips to avoid totally blowing your healthy eating plan.
-Avoid fruity drinks and frozen pina coladas, margheritas, etc. -They have a lot of sugar.
-Ounce for ounce a shot is actually your best does the trick and it's not as many calories as most mixed drinks.
-Lite beer or wine is a decent bet (lol one glass only).
-Gotta have the mixed drink?  rum and diet coke, vodka and tonic, martini...better choices than anything with juice because of the sugar.
Of course , always drink responsibly and have fun (but not too much fun...that scale beckons:).

Today's workout: weights (biceps, triceps, abs, shoulders), Insanity the Asylum "overtime" dvd, 1 hour of zumba ( my friend's class that I never get to ..but had a personal day today:)
Today's diet:
breakfast: 2 eggs, half cup oats
snack: nectarine
lunch: p90 protein bar and a banana (usually don't do bars for lunch, but I was running around)
dinner: chocolate shakeology with natural peanut butter
snack: corn on the cob