Thursday, June 27, 2013

warrior's challenge plus incentive

July 7th kicks off my warrior's challenge.  It runs until August 4th and will be the challenge that gets you in the best shape of your life.  Since it's a warrior's challenge, it also features a great prize...a $50.00 Visa gift card for the person with the most points at the end ( will that be used to buy some new clothes since you'll be thinner?:)  I have a few warriors in line...will you join them?
Remember it doesn't matter what you did a week ago, yesterday, or an hour matters what you do now and how you start and end your journey...let me help you.  Message me or email for more details.

Today's workout: 3.5 mile run, 60 minute combat ultimate warrior workout
Today's diet:
2 eggs, 1 half cup oats
greek yogurt
tofu and veggies
chocolate shakeology with a natural peanut butter
mini quiche (mini muffin size)