Wednesday, June 26, 2013

making time for yourself to get healthy (or achieve what you need to)

I know one obstacle I faced when I was losing weight was learning it's okay to take time for yourself to be healthy.  I was constantly doing things for other people, and I found it hard to say no.  I tried to lose weight so many times, but I was often derailed by the need to help everyone else or being nervous to say I needed time for myself .  And that was a big reason for my failure in losing weight. 
AS I started to lose weight, I realized that it was important to take time out for myself.  I'm a better , happier person.  I'm actually able to do more for others and the world in general when I'm happy with myself. 
Here's a few tips for scheduling some time to yourself.
-Work in time to exercise as though it is another job.  I look at my schedule in advance for the week and plan workout time.  On busy days, I do get up early to exercise least it's done and then I can focus on my day.  Record it on your calendar if you have to.  Whatever you have to do...just get it done.  Believe it or not, it will become a habit.
-Reward yourself \for good "habits" with some me time.  If I work hard and exercise all week, I do take an hour to myself on Sunday to do anything I want...and I admit, sometimes it's down time, but I earn it, and I don't take away from it.
-Use days when you have more time to make healthy meals that can go in the fridge. Then you can just reach in and grab something healthy.

-Me time-key to success!

Today's workout: weights (back, chest, abs, lats)
Today's diet: breakfast : egg whites, multigrain english muffin with natural peanut butter
Snack: greek yogurt
Lunch: black bean burritos
snack: orange
Dinner:salad with chicken, lemon squeezed on it instead of dressing

July 7th begins the warriors' challenge. This will run until august 4th and you will lose weight and inches.  Message me or email for details.  My "biggest loser" in this challenge lost 34 lbs !