Wednesday, August 7, 2013

p90x and pushing day five:)

So today was my fifth day of p90x , which was legs and back plus ab ripper x.  I do have pretty strong legs, although the exercises were tough.....LOL I hate pull ups, but I know they are good for me, so I'm trying.
I started with my 12 lb weights (although I usually lift with 15 lbs weights) because I thought the exercises would be tougher....I think next week I am pushing up to 15 lb weights.  I'm setting a goal for myself to be able to use 20 lb weights on most exercises at the end of the 90 days.

Since I'm really pushing for that goal of ultimate weight loss goal (aka uwlg:), I also did cardio.  2 mile run, 3 mile walk-2 of the 3 miles were hills. I'm tired, but It will all be worth it.
And maybe that groucho walk in the leg video will rid me of that small thigh jiggle I still have ( I felt it there...shoo).

Today's workout: p90x legs and back, ab ripper x, 2 mile jog , 3mile walk
today's diet
2 eggs, half cup oats
black bean burrito
10 raw almonds
strawberry shakeology with fresh strawberries
nonfat cottage cheese

new challenge group starts on august 12th.....message for info or email