Monday, August 5, 2013

last day of group starts august 12th

Good morning everyone,
Today is the last day of my online weight loss challenge group...I'm so excited with some of the progress the challengers have made.  Our highest weight loss was 22 lbs in a month...I think that's phenomenal!Everyone did well though!
My next challenge starts on August 12th.  I have a few new participants, a few participants who are still working towards their goal....I'm doing p90x myself and hoping to get to my own goal....what's missing?
Why not join us for this 45 day challenge? STart a new exercise and eating regiment and become the best you that you can be!
Message me or email me for
Nothing to lose....except weight!

Today's workout: p90x shoulders and arms, ab ripper x, either a run or elliptical (haven't went outside yet to see how warm it is:)
Today's diet:
2 eggs, half cup oats
tofu and veggies
strawberry shakeology with banana

have a great day!