Wednesday, July 31, 2013

today is the day to become a new you....and save:)

Last day of the month means end of the month blitz!
SAvings on products today only:
sign up for a new challenge pack (workout plus shakeology) get 20.00 back from me!
Sign up for shakeology home direct get 10.00 back from me
Deeper discounts for new coaches who sign for details:)

Today is your day to start the new month fresh.....just do it!
I give a diet and support group or unlimited contact to all my customers.

Email for details.

Today's diet:
egg whites and multigrain English muffin with natural peanut butter
snack: banana
Black bean burritos
snack: greek yogurt with blueberries
chocolate shakeology with natural peanut butter

Today's workout (going to do it now...but here's what 's on tap:)
Weights- abs, lats, back , chest
15 min plyo circuit
60 min elliptical

I'm weighing in tomorrow so gotta go hard