Thursday, July 25, 2013

having nerves about the gym...going to a new class?

Good morning everyone...I feel great that my workout for the day is done!
I wanted to blog about something people tell me a lot......esp. people who are just starting their weight loss journey....that they are shy to go to the gym or a new class.
I know this happens first hand.  I remember I started losing weight just by walking and I finally signed up for a gym.  It's intimidating at first....but now it's like my second home. I remember when I was like 280 lbs, I was using a machine, and two men were making fun of me.  I left immediately.  But when I sat and thought about it, I realized I can't change people who are idiots....I can only change me.  What the heck do I care what anyone thinks of me....never mind people I don't know. I went back and haven't stopped since.
MOral of the story....don't worry about what other people say or if they look at you (they may be copying the exercise you are doing too).
One thing I recommend is taking those "intro" classes gyms offer when you first sign up.  This keeps you from looking silly when you realize the elliptical isn't broken you have to pedal it first (this happened to a guy at the gym.....luckily for him, there are nice ppl like me at the gym who tell you stuff like this:).  If you want to use something and don't know how....ask the ppl who work at the gym. Trust me ...they don't mind (or they shouldn't...that's their job:).
Some ppl use the buddy system and go with a's a cool thing to do, but I think there's value in learning to go alone.....what will you do when that friend blows off the gym or is sick?  So head there alone too sometimes to get used to it. An Ipod is great company.
If you're really reluctant about the gym, outdoor exercise or a DVd is a great option.  I always say.....shaun T never gives me a dirty look when I mess up in hip hop abs....but those ladies who really know latin dance in you'll feel like crap in an instant.  Walking , running, and biking are other options for outdoors....plyo can be done outside...I'll give an example of a quick plyo workout in my next post...stay tuned.
No excuses...get in that gym.
and p.s I saw those guys that used to laugh at me the other day at the gym (I seldom go to that one any more, but I was exercising with someone else)....they both looked like they packed on a few lbs...whose laughing now? (well I never laugh at weight gain...but did I get a small sense of satisfaction..yep...not perfect)

Today's workout: plyo 25 min, les mills combat ultimate warrior workout -1 hour
Today's diet:
2 eggs, half cup oats
snack: banana
lunch: tofu with veggies
dinner: chocolate shakeology with natural peanut butter
snack: nectarine