Sunday, July 14, 2013

weight loss indicators besides the scale

So I will be sharing weight loss indicators besides the scale...but I want to share a scale victory...down 4.1 lbs this week.....YIPPEE! I worked hard!

But sometimes that scale does not budge.  It's really important to have other ways to celebrate weight loss and to see a payoff for your hard work so you don't get discouraged. Here's a few ideas....try a few.

-the tape measure....measure your inches...if you are toning up, you're going to look better .  losing inches is an awesome indication of progress

-clothes- I often buy a pair of pants that's snug on me just to figure out when I've lost some weight.  I 'm not saying spend a fortune here....I bought some jeans at dots for 10.00 a month ago that were a size too small.  I tried them on each week.  Two weeks ago, I could zip them but they were so tight I thought I'd have an aneurysm.  (sry if I spelled that wrong:).  Today...they pulled right on and zipped nice and easy.  AHHH.

-Pictures-Since I want to enter the beachbody challenge, I've been snapping pictures in my workout clothes. I took a front, side, and back view.  After a month, I noticed that my back was flat....I def. still had a little fat on my back when I started.  That showed me progress.

-mirror/ people's comments- You know when you look slimmer...and other people tell you too.  Listen and don't do the denying....oh no, I Haven't lost much...why do we say that?  Just say thanks.

Feeling successful is an important part of continuing to are you measuring your weight loss?

Today's workout : rest day (I need it..9 straight days of exercise)
but I am taking a walk with a friend and his dog
Today's diet:
2 eggs, an orange
lunch -salad with grilled chicken
dinner: strawberry shakeology with fresh strawberries and blueberries
treat: I'm going to have a small DQ blizzard today.  I haven't had a treat in a while, so I'm giving myself this one.

*****The warriors  challenge rages on.  WEek one is over.  One warrior lost 7.5 lbs in week one with my free eating plan and a 20.00 dvd.  Want to know more and join us?  message me or write to