Tuesday, July 23, 2013

why it's good to work hard at losing weight

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to make this post in answer to some questions I've been getting about my approach as a coach.  LOL I am a hard weight loss/health coach.  NO ifs ands or buts about it.  And there's a reason for that that I would like to share today...even if you aren't working with me...this might be helpful for you if you are losing weight or trying to get healthier.
One big reason I won't gain weight back is because losing weight for me, was FREAKING HARD! It isn't easy training for a marathon, getting up at 4:30 am to work out or do classes, eating salad while everyone else has pizza, always preparing your own food, the list goes on and on.  But at the end of the day, am I glad I did all those things?  Absolutely.
Working hard to lose has made me see that I never want to gain this weight back.  Work this hard twice? No way.
Today someone said to me, "I'll just do weight watchers, at least you can eat what you want."
I'm going to risk people hating me here. I'm going to risk that you don't read my blog anymore....because I feel so strongly about this.
Do people lose on it at first ..sure.  I did too ....I used every one of those cheat points and lost 4 lbs in week one...then guess what...those cheat points caught up to me. I stopped losing.  Then....
REason two why weight watchers sucks:
The leaders could not help me....because they know nothing about nutrition. or exercise. They are just people who have lost weight by counting points (reason 3 why weight watchers sucks....everything in life doesn't have pts.)
I am an exercise and nutrition nerd/loser lol.  I know how many calories per minute I burn in every exercise I do.  I know the weight range for every weight by heart.  I know a training schedule for things I don't even care about...like bike races.....because I've read it , studied it, etc.  That's a lot more than memorizing point values.
Diets (and it's not only WW, that's just my personal least favorite) that say  you can eat what you want, suck.  You might lose weight, but you're going to look like crap.  One thing I'll say....beachbody coaches who are at their goal, are banging.  They look good . I'm not at my goal yet, so I'm not talking about myself....although when I get to my goal, I'm going to be bangin too.You are what you eat...and if you want to look like you ate candy with your cheat every week....I guess so be it.  but I'll be the one to tell you...the only way to lose weight and look good is with a good diet.  Cheats will be very occasional.
Ditto for exercise.  If you aren't sweating...why bother? If you have more than 20 lbs to lose, laughing with your girls during zumba 5 days a week isn't making you into a sexy princess.  Nor will your 20 min stroll, 30 min stationary bike ride on level 1, or lifting 5 lb Barbie dumbbells. If you are exercising 5 days.....3 need to be hard sweat sessions (save the 2 days for zumba with the girls).
And ladies sorry, but I especially mean you on this one (although the guys are guilty of going with a friend and "resting" while he lifts...another no no).....get down do push ups, sit ups (not crunches) and pick up weights. If you're working out, make it count.
Not to be harsh here..I love anyone who reads my blog! But if you really want to lose.....you gotta put down the cookies, pick up the grilled chicken, apples, tofu, and broccoli, and get in that gym and sweat!
So nope....working with me isn't easy..but it gets results.
Ask my challenger who has lost 14 lbs in 15 days.  :)

Want to join me and kick butt? email april6678@sbcglobal.net for details about my challenge group

today's workout: combat power HIIT plus 30 min jog/sprint intervals, plus ab workout
today's diet:
egg whites, multigrain English muffin with natural peanut butter
strawberry shakeology with a banana
dinner out tonight (checked the menu ahead of time....planning on a salad with grilled chicken or shrimp)