Monday, July 29, 2013

diet myths debunked...and some that aren't myths

people ask me all the time questions about dieting...some questions, I think people know the answer to , but they ask hoping for the easy way out? i.e.
What do you think about that lemonade diet where you only drink lemonade? (Really lol?!)
But it's truly confusing to move between what's real and what's not .  Here's a few things that aren't myths. THESE ARE TRUE!
-Don't skip breakfast.
-Drink a lot of water.
-Eat smaller meals rather than large ones.

Now...for the myths....starting with my least favorite because I hate that there are still fitness personnel who tell people this. And there a few variations to this one.
-Carbs are bad. Carbs make you fat.  You are "carb sensitive".
***Gotta put this in...if you are doing a program and all the trainer, nutritionist, coach says is no carbs, that's like them saying...I am too lazy to write you a diet and explain to you, or I don't know enough to do so, so I'm going to just say no carbs.
Truth: Yes , some carbs are bad...think about it and you know them...processed carbs...i.e. white flour starchy carbs....bagels, donuts, cookies, pie , cakes, white bread, pasta, white rice.
But there are good carbs and depending on exercise level, you may need some.  Just go for healthier carbs....wheat bread , brown rice, fruit, and some veggies are carbs.
Don';t listen to anyone who says fruit makes you one got fat from eating a banana.  Yes, fruit may need to be moderated , esp. close to a weight loss goal, but you don't have to cut it out totally.
People are not "carb sensitive".  Your body needs carbs to exercise, esp. vigourously.

-All calories are equal. 
LOL when I marathon trained , some of my co workers said I ate constantly....I did.  I was running between 30-45 miles per week for at least 10 weeks (and was still running 20 in the lower weeks).  But I was eating extra apple or banana (good carbs) and a carb like a plain potato with my lunch. Someone said " My sandwich has the same calories as that." Possibly true...(although probably not), but your body uses grilled chicken, broccoli, and a plain potato much more effectively than a bologna sandwich on white bread with mayo and one of those 100 calorie snack packs of cookies....who cares which has more calories....clearly lunch two was unhealthy.....look at what you're eaten before you even start to worry about calories at all.

--If I eat badly, I make up for it with extra exercise. 
It's not a bad idea to put in a sweat session after a cheat meal, but it doesn't cancel out all the fat and calories consumed, If only it was that I'm a marathoner so by that account I should be like 100 lbs by now (I'm not).

_Cutting out a food group makes you lose weight.
This is true temporarily.  In the long won't help. So only cut out dairy, gluten, etc. if you are really intolerant.  Those gluten free cakes and muffins don't lead to weight loss!

-Those frozen WEight Watchers and Lean Cuisines are healthy right...portion control.
WRONG! If it's frozen it has added preservatives and probably salt.  Those have little protein or veggies and lots of fillers like rice. Make your own grilled chicken and broccoli instead of that cruddy frozen 3 pieces (less than bite sized ) of chicken and white rice.  You'll be full with your own cooking rather than frozen junk.

Did this help?  I hope so.

Today's diet:
breakfast 2 eggs, half cup oats
snack: banana
lunch: black bean burrito on wheat tortilla
snack: baby carrots with hummus
dinner: chocolate shakeology with natural peanut butter
Today 's workout: weights (biceps, triceps, abs, shoulders)
50 min on elliptical

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p.s. I just ordered my p90x ...can't wait to start!