Saturday, July 6, 2013

what to do after a diet screwup

So I figured this is a great post after a holiday. Life happens sometimes and we get off our healthy eating patterns, or we skip exercise in favor of a what now?
I want to add I am slighty guilty here myself....3 beers at a cookout the other night (I ate before I went, but I don't know what came over me).  How I felt the next day was enough to get me on track....this will happen to you too..once you start consistently eating healthy your body will not like you if you eat or drink badly. Here's a few tips to get you back on track.
-the binge ends right then and can't keep it going.  You ate or drink what you had, now it's done.  Stop beating yourself up and get back on the healthy wagon!
-Start your day with a protein laden breakfast.  You may be hungry for more junk if you indulged and eating protein is a surefire way to fend off hunger.  A mix of healthy carbs and protein is great....2 eggs and a half cup'll be full for a while !
_Get in a sweat session- but don't go nuts.  If you do a 3 hour workout to "make up for your eating "(not possible btw) You'll be too tired to keep it going the next day.  Do your normal workout or push just slightly harder.
-I fend off cravings with my shakeology.....want to try it?  message me:) Here's a client quote:
"On vacation I only bought two shakeology packets for a three day trip, that day I didn't have it was the day I wanted junk...never again."

YOu can get back on the wagon with healthy eating after a binge.....set your mind to it and do it!


today's workout: teach a class, body combat power kata, hip hop abs dvd (with a friend who's trying for the first time)
Today's diet:
egg white omelette with asparagus, multigrain English muffin with natural pb
snacks: banana, air popped popcorn
Lunch: Mediterranean chick pea salad, 2 mini quiche
Dinner: strawberry shakeology with fresh pineapple

2 days til the warrior challenge begins....