Wednesday, July 3, 2013

why i love my job:)

So I'm the sometimes lucky recipient of 3 jobs :): a full time, a part time, and beachbody coaching.  So I want to be clear about which one I mean.....the beachbody coaching.  Now don't get me wrong....I have my moments with the other two...many with the part time and a few with the full time...but I love being a coach for so many reasons.
Today I heard one of the greatest compliments I've ever heard in my life. It was from a client, formerly 407 now 268 lbs and much closer to his goal than he was before.  He said to me , "April, you saved my life. "  Now many other jobs do you hear that in (I know there are some...but I've never been a hero...I'm not a firefighter or a surgeon, I'm just plain ole me).  But plain ole me got to hear that I saved someone's life.  WOW.....takes me a minute to wrap my head around that notion.
-I get to talk about something I love all the time as a coach.  Ok...I admit.  I am a nerd about fitness, calories, diet, health, etc.  I could talk about it all day.  And when you're helping people lose weight...they want me to talk about that:).  I love it.
 I give professional development at my full time job occasionally, and I do thank most of my co workers for saying I'm a good presenter, but I also know they might not want to hear about the subject at that moment. But coaching...I'm talking about something people want to's great.
-I work with AWESOME fellow coaches.  When we go on the message boards, everyone is happy...everyone is excited.  I'm stuck,,,,I post a question, usually within an hour there are at least three replies.  Do you work somewhere where everyone is always enthusiastic?
-Motivating others gives me a kick in the pants to motivate myself...I cant really be on the couch when I'm telling others to bust their butts:)
-Extra money...notice I put this last, it's not the most important thing, but it's important.  This is the first year I sent in my car taxes before like the day they are due....I actually had the money to pay them.  Got a reminder call for the dentist today (I need a crown)...didn't have to panic about where that money is coming from.

Lots of Pluses you love your job?  WAnt to start one you love (full time or part time)?  Message me or email harm in asking:).

Today's workout : Body Combat power HIIT and Shock Plyo (this was tough lol)
weights-abs, lats, back, chest

Today's diet:
breakfast: egg whites with spinach and tomato, multigrain English muffin with natural peanut butter
snack: grapes
lunch: black bean burrito
snack: 10 raw almonds, baby carrots
dinner: strawberry shakeology with a banana
(may have another snack: prob cantaloupe)