Thursday, August 29, 2013

missing my blog lol/ week 4 of p90x

So I've been missing my blog....I'm a teacher and it is the first week of school, so it's crazy.  I did still do my workout and eat well though:)
I'm in week 4 of p90x ..its tough, but I'm seeing the changes in myself.  My arms look more toned, and my belly (that stubborn lower part of my abs) looks more firm.  I can do more too....I hated that yoga x the first time and it was hard to get through....I'm more flexible and enjoy the stretch now, and I can do more pull ups and push up than before.

So proud of my current challenge group...they are doing great....we are always seeking new challengers if you are interested.

Today's workout: p90x kenpo x
Today's diet: 2 eggs, one half wheat bagel with jam
greek yogurt
tofu with veggies
strawberry shakeology with strawberries and blueberries
10 raw almonds