Wednesday, April 23, 2014

april's specials

Wednesday is Beachbody Specials day- so here goes!
TWo challenge packs on sale this month- Brazil Butt Lift and Focus T25.  Focus T25 is a 25 minute a day workout in which you can get rapid results.....and both challenge packs come with shakeology. I drink my shakeology everyday-greenberry is my favorite!  It really has helped me with suppressing cravings- if you want to learn more, here's a link to a video about shakeology!

Also on sale until May 7th is the Ultimate Reset diet.  I did this about a month ago- no exercise- and you truly do "reset " your body.  I lost weight, lost inches off my lower stomach (problem area) , gave up caffeine (lol I was addicted) and just felt great overall.  It's an awesome program if you know your eating is way off track and you need help with nutrition.

Interested?  Email me ( or comment for more info.
Check out my site : to check out any of the products.

Today's workout:
Body Beast Cardio and Beast Abs
Today's diet

egg whites and wheat English muffin with p.b. (natural)
snack: green apple, 15 raw almonds
Lunch: black bean burrito
Snack: pear, pumpkin seeds (1/4 cup)
Dinner : chocolate shakeology , natural p.b. , banana