Monday, April 21, 2014

monday's musings

Everything isn't measured in pounds when you are losing weight...,,sometimes I'm surprised to hear how much someone weighs.....muscular or toned people look thinner (not there yet, but I'm trying:).

This may not be a musing...more like an exclamation of shock lol- body beast bulk legs kicks my butt-and I thought my legs were stronger...I've run two marathons....but nope...that workout slams me!

Today's workout: body beast bulk legs, 10 min walk on treadmill, 10 min stair master
Today's diet:
oatmeal with choc shakeology and a banana (one of my healthy meals of the week)
snack: green apple, 15 raw almonds
lunch: brown rice and blk beans (another healthy meal of the week)
Snack: orange
Dinner: 6 oz flank steak, baked sweet potato, asparagus

Good night all!