Sunday, April 27, 2014

last week's reflection- this week's new challenge

So last week's challenge was to prepare healthy meals AND  eat them.....I did it!  I ate each meal I listed at least once...twice for 3 of did you do?
More importantly, what can you incorporate into your every day eating plan?

Eat 5 vegetarian meals this week (you can do more if you like).

The logic behind this is one ever got fat from eating fruits and veggies lol- it's good for you.

Here's a few ideas and I'll share as I eat this week.
Brown rice and stir fried veggies or black beans
oatmeal and fruit
black bean burritos
tofu and veggies
tempeh and veggies (I like tempeh and sweet potatoes)
fruit salad for breakfast
shakeology (there are even vegan options)

What can you eat that's vegetarian this week?

Today's workout : Body Beast Bulk chest , 30 min elliptical
Today's diet:
egg whites with spinach, wheat English muffin with natural peanut butter
lunch: chocolate shakeology with a banana
snack: sliced mango

Not sure what I'm having for dinner yet....