Sunday, April 20, 2014

this week's challenge-will you take it?

First of all, happy easter everyone!  I started my day early- got up , went to gym, church, now back home.  For me, I do a routine on Sunday that starts my week out right (and I know this isn't for everyone)- I do a longer workout and always thanks the lord for another week here on earth.  There was a long period in my life where I let challenges hold me back, and I am personally working hard to recognize things that I 'm grateful for.  Getting into a routine keeps me centered too- I know a good friend who always mediates on Sundays....which centers that person....everyone is different:).

Keeping of routines.....let's get to this week's challenge.

Like it or not, part of a healthy lifestyle is preparing your own food.  It Is very hard, darn near impossible, to keep eating out and be healthy.  A friend recently asked me: What can you get that's healthy when you're on the run?  I was stumped-I bring snacks with me everywhere!  Most often you catch me with my sliced green apple and almonds , fruit, baby carrots, and oftentimes, my shakeology.  I asked a friend who is a nutritionist- he said- nothing's hard to order out and be healthy.

This week's challenge is to develop a routine of healthy meals.  When I say that, I want you to think of things you can make quickly-don't choose something that takes an hour of prep time- you probably wont make that on a weekly basis.
Right now- get a pen- list 7 healthy meals you commit to making and eating this week.  It can be breakfast , lunch , or dinner.  I'm going to list my below....want to share yours?  Comment on the blog-I love new ideas!

1-oatmeal with half packet of chocolate shakeology and sliced banana (usually eat this 3-4 times a week)
2- black beans and brown rice
3- black bean burritos (I make mine with a wheat tortilla, very small amt. of lowfat cheese, but then loaded with tomato and lettuce)
4- balsamic chicken (I love balsamic vinegar so I marinade chicken in that) and roasted root vegetables (roasted beets, sweet potatoes, and carrots- feel in love with these veggies during ultimate reset)
5- roasted root vegetables with a side of farrro (I make a big pan of roasted root veggies and eat these a few days after recipe 4- farro is an ancient grain-I love it- a small amt. fills you up,'s usually next to rice and quinoa at the grocery store)
6- pan roasted tempeh and sweet potato
7- salad with balsamic chicken (again- when I make #4- I'll make more than one piece of chicken and use it here-probably Friday when I never feel like cooking so I don't have to make much)

There's my they are in writing and I must stick to them! I'll check in on Thursday and see how I'm doing- why not try the same?  Get the pen out, list your recipes, and commit to doing it.  Questions or need ideas-comment and I'll get back to you!

Changing your weight and / or being healthy is a one step at a time process......take this step and plan your meals!

Everyone have a wonderful easter!

Today's workout: body beast bulk chest , 5 min ab workout, 45 min elliptical
scheduled to take a walk with a friend off some holiday calories!

Today's diet: haven't decided yet where I'm going- but I did start with a healthy breakfast- this morning I had oatmeal with chocolate shakeology, banana, and a little almond milk to fuel me for the gym!