Monday, May 20, 2013

fitting a healthy lifestyle into a busy life

Running my facebook challenge has been enlightening to see how hard people think it is to fit being healthy into their lives.  I realized today that for a long time, I didnt make healthy a priority.  It seemed like everything got in the way of being healthy: work, friendships, relationships, just plain ole laziness.  Having lost over 100 lbs, I realize that being healthy is really the most important thing.  How can you be a good parent, child, sibling, worker, student, whatever roles you are filling if you don't have your health in the state it should be?  It took me a long time to realize this , but now I do.
I set goals for myself every day , and I adhere to them as though they are part of my schedule.
I figure out what type of workouts and when I'll do them on SAturday , so I am "set up" for the week.  Any commitment I make to myself I'm firm on and if I said I'm exercising, I'm exercising.  I prepare healthy meals that can stay refridgerated on sundays when I have more time, and actually, Shakeology has cut down on my meal prep time (so much easier to run the blender than cook). 
A really good tip I would give anyone trying to squeeze in exercise is to try to do a few days in the morning before work...especially your "long days" or Mondays or Fridays , when we tend to be most tired after work.  LIke right now, I'm thrilled that I already did the Monday am workout.
I prioritize being healthy every can you.

Today's exercise: weights-shoulders, triceps, biceps, abs
Insanity Speed and Agility DVD -35 minutes

Today's diet:
egg whites with spinach
fruit salad

Snack: greek yogurt with fresh strawberries

Lunch: black bean burrito
Snack: celery with hummus

Dinner: Chocolate shakeology with a banana

Snack: baby carrots

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