Friday, May 24, 2013

Is your mind ready to lose weight?How to know if you are and what to do if you aren't.

I want to come out and say that you have to be ready to lose weight to do it.  So many people say they want to, and really, it's only going to happen if you are ready. If you're consider this question as you read this, I want you to do the following:
GEt out a piece of paper and a pen.  WRite down all the reasons why you are overweight or need to lose weight.  I'm going to share the list I made a while ago both as an example and with the hopes that you learn from it.
1.  I experienced a trauma and did not deal with it appropriately.  I need counseling, instead I used food to soothe myself.  This was a pattern in my life.  So I guess I 'd summarize this reason as lack of coping skills.
2.  Addiction to sugar.  This probably makes me sound out of control.  AT the time, I was.  One taste of sugar and I was eating as much as I could.  I love cookies, candy, cakes, you name it.  Someone close to me died and I ate an entire can of frosting ( I know, gross, but I'm be honest.)
3.  Far too much eating out or getting take out.  AT minimum I was eating out or getting take out 1-2 nights a week.
4.  Too much drinking.  I don't mean this to imply I was an alcoholic.  2-3 drinks each of the 1-2 nights I went out added up to lots of calories.
5.  Doing minimal activity and purposefully choosing easy activities. I would walk every day, the same distance , the same speed.  My body was used to that and adjusted to it quickly.  I was burning no calories.
6.  Using food as entertainment and to show love.  The only thing I did when I went out was go out to eat.  I used to cook a huge , calorie laden Sunday dinner for a ton of people who came to my house.
7.  Not taking time to take care of myself.  I spent so much time doing things for other people and not using the word no that I didn't have time to exercise or eat healthy.

There are probably other reasons, but those are the standouts.

Now take a look at your list.  Are you willing to change the behaviors that make you overweight? ARe you willing to change the ones that are hardest for you (because those are probably the real contributors to your weight gain)?
I'm not writing this to discourage anyone, but I know that many times people aren't ready to change the habits that truly make them overweight.  If you go out to eat all the time, and you aren't willing to change that, you'll probably remain overweight.  Do you make excuses not to exercise?  If you don't stop that behavior you will probably not lose weight.
So if you are ready to lose weight, do not pass go without going to to purchase some great products , emailing me at to ask for advice, or joining my FB online challenge (friend me April Robinson).....half joking:).  If you aren't think about this....will your life be that bad if you change negative behaviors?
I think of myself : I'm so happy I steer clear of sugar...I don't feel like an out of control pig like I did before.
Not eating out?  WEll, it's cheaper, and I've found other things to do with friends.  I bowled the other you know how fun bowling is ....who knew?  All that time I wasted at restaurants.
Doing minimal activity? well ok....I mean I'm a marathoner proud of myself am I?  I can do something most ppl wouldn't even attempt.  And plus my addiction to Body Combat DVD's./...could I even live without them?
Using eating to mask emotions? Again, I feel much less pissed off after I exercise than I did after polishing off a bag of oreos.

-Get the point?  Think of all the good things that come out of turning a negative behavior into a positive and you are ready to go!

Today's exercise: weights/plyo-legs and abs
45 min on Arc Trainer
Today's diet:
egg white omelet with spinach and fruit
snack: greek yogurt
lunch: chicken burger, wheat roll, steamed broccoli
snack: celery and cucumbers with hummus
Dinner: chocolate shakeology with a banana
snack: orange, 10 almonds (I was hungry today, but I chose pretty wisely)

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