Sunday, May 19, 2013

rainy sunday at the cheshire healthy living expo

I spent my Sunday selling Beachbody products at the Cheshire Healthy Living Expo.  I usually run the 10k race every year, so I was a little bummed not to run, but I loved the chance to meet new people, and hopefully help new people get to their weight loss goals.  It's so hard to explain to people how much better they will feel when they just dig deep and decide to go for it and lose weight.  I'm hoping to get some new members in my facebook challenge...the more the merrier, and seeing others push pushes me.  This was the 30th straight day I've exercised with no rest and I feel awesome.

Today's workout:
Power Kata from Body Combat 45 min, Shock Plyo from Body Combat 30 min, body weight exercises 20 min

Breakfast: Fruit Salad
Lunch: Chicken fajitas
Snack: celery with hummus
Dinner: strawberry Shakeology with blackberries and strawberries
Probably a plain rice cake with natural peanut butter this evening
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