Thursday, May 16, 2013

today's triumphs

LOl, last night I was hit by the craving monster....just a craving for carbs I didnt need.  I seriously considered driving to the store to get cookies (I purposefully don't keep things like that in my house).  I had to stop and think about why I was hungry.  I knew I had my shake for dinner early, and I didnt really want cookies...I just needed some food. I ended up having some celery with natural peanut butter instead and I was satisfied.
If you are about to eat something you shouldn't think about why and learn from it.  I learned yesterday that I need to keep my dinner time consistent to prevent hunger later in the evening...won't make that mistake again.

Triumph today: already worked out personal favorite workout Body Combat.  It's a combo of kickboxing and other martial arts.  Super fun.  Want to check it out? - click get fit
Shakeology  plus body combat plus insanity the secrets for shredding fat:)
Almost to goal.
How are you progressing on your goal?  Think about what you did today to get you there....nothing yet?  Well it's never too late.