Monday, May 27, 2013

motivate others motivate yourself

Ok...before I get to the point of this post....I must do a brag tag lol (it's not conceit, I'm proud of myself)
This month's totals: 12.2 lbs lost, 11.3 inches lost, 40 straight days of exercise and I feel awesome .  All my clothes are loose:).
Ok now to the point of this post.

I feel super motivated since I have become a Beachbody coach.  I love helping others get to their goals, and as I run my facebook challenge, I feel like I have to follow the rules I give them.  I have to be a good example, and I have to be working on my own goals to inspire them.  They are inspiring me to as I see them change before my eyes , both physically and their habits, which is actually more important.
In my first month as a coach, aside from my stats above, I also made enough money to pay my car insurance and car payment, a week of groceries and car money, and two nice pairs of shoes (Ok, not responsible, but a girl's gotta have fun too).  This month I will do even better.
Have you ever wanted a job where you really change someone's life in a positive way?  Do you want to motivate others to be the best person they can be?  Do you want to be your own boss or make extra money?  Email me to find out more about becoming a Beachbody coach ( or check out my site  Don't worry I'm not a hard seller....nothing to lose by asking (well except weight:) and so much to gain.

Today's workout: weights: shoulders, abs, biceps, triceps
60 min on the arc trainer

Today's diet (btw woke up very late today)
Breakfast (which was more like lunch time): 2 eggs , 1 cup of oats
snack: banana
Dinner: strawberry shakeology with fresh strawberries and blueberries
snack: celery with hummus

Happy Memorial DAy and God bless those who have served/ and are serving our country.  Thank you for our freedom!