Thursday, May 23, 2013

"women's help" for weight loss :)

So sorry to say that this post is mostly for the ladies (usually I post fot both sexes).  I hear a lot of complaints from women about how hard it is to work out during that "time of the month".  I agree that it isn't easy , but I want to give you some tips and reasons why you should take on working out during that time.
I remember that before I started working out, I had more cramps and bloating.  The main reason women have cramps and bloating is water retention.  Exercise helps with that.  Exercise also releases feel good endorphins, which help you to feel better afterwards.  Most women feel better after exercise during their cycle.
Now...I know the girls ache sometimes , so you might want to do an exercise that doesn't have bouncing around....I do sometimes do a half jog, half walk during my cycle, or ride the stationary bike, or do yoga.  But lately, I've found I don't need to change my workout at all.  I have been so active that I haven't really had cramps or bloating.  It 's great....try it and see.
Cravings- Feed your body well during your cycle.  Most people crave carbs, so give your body some healthy carbs to fend off cravings.  Some wheat toast with natural peanut butter gives you some sweetness but doesn't totally throw your diet out of whack.  Better to eat a bit more and eat healthy than to binge on cookies later on in the day.
I swear by an evening primrose oil pill to help with PMS symptoms.  I've recommended it to lots of people and everyone loves it (also great for women dealing with menopausal symptoms.  As with all supplements, read and see if it affects any meds you may currently be taking.
I hope this women we are we can get through that bad week too.

Today's workout: 1 hour of Body Combat
today's diet: wheat toast with natural peanut butter,2 eggs
snack: greek yogurt
lunch: tofu with veggies
snack: banana
dinner: strawberry shakeology with blackberries
snack: raw broccoli with hummus

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