Friday, May 17, 2013

Thinking about the past and how to help others

One of my passions right now is helping others to avoid getting to the state I was (or help them if they are already there).  I remember myself 125 lbs ago (not to be definately takes self control every time I turn down chocolate:).  I had no idea how to go about losing weight.  I wasn't happy with myself, and I tried every diet known to man.  LOL, here's a short list...I can't even remember them all: WEight WAtchers, ATkins, grapefruit diet, the Hollywood flush (or some similar name, can't remember), and I'm ashamed to admit I did try several diet pills: OxyElite Pro, Dexatrim, Jillian Michaels diet pills, Roxy Lean, and probably more.  All of these worked to lose 10 lbs and then gain it back plus
Really, I am happy that I decided to use Shakeology. It's a nutritious shake that keeps me full , and at risk of sounding like a pig, I love the chocolate vegan shake because it gives me that little taste of chocolate that I love and helps with cravings.
I sell Beachbody products now, and it's so hard to convince people that this will work...but I know it will, literally nothing worked for me (lol see list above) besides this.  I hate seeing people do things like take diet's such a temporary fix, and so bad for you, and I don't want them to have to learn the hard way like I did.
I guess today's wondering is how to help others get on the path to getting healthy.
I know I've started out correctly....I became an exercise instructor to help those who are overweight, and I know I have made some changes there (one of my clients got to his over 100 lbs lost last week), and I'll keep thinking about how I can continue to help others. 
I'd love feedback...if you lost weight, what was your turning point to change?
If you are struggling, what would help you change?

** Do you want help losing and are stuck?  REspond to my blog or email me privately ( I love to help out.

Today's victories: 4:30 AM workout, 30 minutes of weights (legs and abs), 40 min on elliptical, 10 min of yoga and stretching
Lots of practical exercise moving my things in my classroom to a new office for next year (I'm a reading specialist too:).
Breakfast: egg white omelet with spinach and low fat cheese
Snack: greek yogurt (plain with blueberries added)
Lunch: black bean burritos (homemade- just a wheat tortilla with black beans and fat free cheddar- just a sprinkle)
Snack: grapes
Dinner:  haven't eaten it yet, but it will be vegan chocolate shakeology ( to check out shakeology with a banana and natural peanut butter (1 tsp)