Saturday, May 25, 2013

surviving memorial day picnics without blowing off healthy eating

Ahh holiday weekend...three days off for many people.  But does that 3 days off lead to extra calories? It doesn't have to. 
For me, I abstain from picnics...I'm not saying you have's a personal choice . I do hope my willpower someday is where it needs to be.  But for now, I don't go.
If you do have a picnic planned , here's some survival skills.

-Bring a healthier option.  You'll be surprised how many people eat it.  WE had a staff breakfast (I know different scenario but still) and a slim co worker walked in with her fruit salad...well that fruit salad was gone (guess everyone was inspired by her being slim) .  But also, that fruit salad was good.  Bringing fruit, salad, turkey burgers, etc can be a healthy option for you and other guests.
-Eat before you go.  A client told me he does this all the time (and he's lost a lot of weight) .  You don't have to tell anyone you did this.  Then he picks one thing he really wants and just drinks water for the rest of the picnic.  If you circulate and mingle (bonus.....a few calories off for moving around) then truly no one will notice you aren't eating.
- one cares what you're eating.  WE worry so much about offending people by not eating their food....there are other people one is looking only at you.
 Above all else, if you do indulge, stick to 1-2 things you want in small portions, eat healthy the rest of the day, and bring a ball, volleyball , etc to engage everyone in some exercise.
Happy holiday weekend and happy health!

Today's exercise: zumba, insanity DVd, plyo circuit (burpees, steps, walking pushup , etc.)
Today's diet:
Breakfast : 2 eggs, wheat toast with natural peanut butter
snack: banana
lunch: salad with grilled chicken
snach: rice cake with natural peanut butter
dinner: strawberry shakeology with blueberries
snack: air popped popcorn