Saturday, May 18, 2013

one of the harder lessons I've learned along the way

I was reflecting this morning (while for some odd reason I could not sleep) on everything I've learned (and continue to learn) along my journey to weight loss.  I want to share everything I can to help you do the same, and I want to continue to learn from my own experiences...and mistakes in many cases.:)
Something that has been hard for me is realizing when to let go of people in your life who aren't making it better.  This can be interpreting wrong, so I want to  explain.  By making it better, I don't mean loaning you money or being at your beck and call...I mean supporting you , encouraging you, just putting a smile on your face when you need it.  
I'm also not suggesting turning your back on someone when they need it,,,everyone goes through rough patches, and I definitely have been through my fair share. But do you know that person is your life who is always miserable?  Who is always complaining about what they don't have or what they need to do , be it lose weight, find a good partner, a new job, make more money...but then does nothing about it? This is who I'm talking about.  If you think about it, everyone has someone like this in their life....friend, family member, co worker, etc.
It's so hard to let people in your life go....I'm thinking of someone I was around for a long time.  Always complaining about the same things, but then continually putting themselves in the same situations.  Never striving to make positive changes...always talking about what went wrong in the past and how this is everyone else's fault.  Then I looked at my own behavior around this person.....when I was around this person, I tended to complain more, I thought about unhappy moments in my past....I wasn't being productive.  To help myself , I had to distance myself.  I still do some calls and texts (admittedly, it's probably with the hopes the person with change....and they may not) but once the negativity begins I move away.  Remember, you can't help anyone else until you yourself are happy.  I know I'm still working on being the best me I can be.  I would be doing myself a disservice by letting anyone drag me down.
How does this relate to weight loss?  Don't listen to anyone who says "Again" or "that won't work" when you are losing weight.  Who cares if you failed before?  WE learn a lot from failure.  And everyone fails at something.....the only real losers are the ones who are scared to fail so they don't try.  And if you screw what?  Don't let anyone else (or yourself) discourage you.  Everyone screws up...I screw up multiple times daily:).  Learn from it and push forward. 
Many people in my online Facebook challenge have said they're scared to tell others they're trying to lose weight because people say "Again".  My thought......good for them to keep trying.  What you think about yourself is most important.  Think of three good things about yourself today and celebrate those.
Here's mine: went from couch potato to athlete, great motivator, enthusiastic.
What's yours?

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