Tuesday, May 21, 2013

my intro to summer running (and your intro to running period)

A good friend told me I once said I would only run if someone was chasing me (I admit, I do vaguely remember saying that ).  Well 125 lbs slimmer and 2 marathons later I am a running addict.  I do other exercises, but I will always be a runner.  Today the temp went from the 50's yesterday to the 80's today...holy intro to summer running.  It was a slow run (I am a winter runner...I drag in the heat), but I did it.  4.5 miles (and a 1.5 mile walk btw. warmup and cooldown.)
Do you want to start running?  When I started I could only run about 30 seconds. Here's how I transitioned.
Beginning week
5 min warm up walk
run 1 min, walk 4 minutes
Repeat for a half hour.
When you can do that well
Run 2 minutes walk 3 min
Repeat for a half hour
(Never forget your 5 min walking warm up and cool down to prevent injury)

Run 3 min walk 2 min...repeat for a half hour.

Continue this pattern until you run for a half hour straight.  Don't worry how fast you are or how far you go , just build stamina.....once you get to the half hour you can decide to increase distance or speed.
***Stretch after you run, not before.

Try it and let me know how it works!
Today's activity: 4.5 mile job, 1.5 mile walk
 2 eggs, half cup oats
Shack: greek yogurt
Lunch: pork tenderloin, corn, potato
Snack: pear
Dinner: strawberry shakeology with fresh blackberries
Snack: air popped popcorn (no butter)